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  1. RentalBlackout

    [BBCF] Azrael Video Thread

    Ikemen vs Noze, some Hibiki player, and then Noze again http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1448973142/ Aside from that one lulzy instance Hazama's divekick got anti-aired by 2B whilst looking the other way, Ourazama noted that Hazama's 3C can low profile Panzer if done point blank.
  2. RentalBlackout

    [CPEX] Azrael - Combo Thread

    The idea is to IAD as fast as you can after 6A, but not j.C immediately after the IAD, try to get your j. C to hit closer to the ground, and closer to the opponent. Generally the lower to the ground the better, though you'll find oddities here and there(on Bang for example). In any case, you don't want to be doing j. C right after you IAD.
  3. RentalBlackout

    [CPEX] Azrael - Combo Thread

    https://twitter.com/gun_grave213/status/619090225462009856 Friend linked that to me.
  4. RentalBlackout

    [CPEX] Azrael - Combo Thread

    I suggest we put IceCube's old oki post somewhere in this thread as well, it's still pretty relevant except for a few things here and there that can be modified.
  5. RentalBlackout

    [CPEX] Azrael - Combo Thread

    One thing about that combo is that it's pretty space dependent(you have to be pretty close to them), but that usually would not result in them teching out before 6D. I think you might not be chaining 2C into 6D at the right time. You might have noticed that Azrael has delayed gatlings, so the timing in which you can chain normals into one another is not immediately upon hitting people with it like most other characters(which also varies from normals to normals). However, you probably are delaying it too much. The right timing consists of a slight delay in between 2C and 6D. Too fast and nothing happens, too slow and you get what you're experiencing. EDIT: See next post if you meant the last 6D. Didn't realize you might have been talking about that one lol
  6. RentalBlackout

    [CPEX] Azrael - Combo Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMiR7pZhXkY Fullscreen [LW] 5C>214D>8*(j.C)X3>airdash j.2C slight delay CT, 6A iad j.C 236D 5A/5B?>TCL 3D/6D>(BHS if you have the meter) 0 meter required, builds 7 meter, 5569 dmg, double weakpoint, full corner carry EDIT: On some characters, not airdashing makes it more consistent I feel, like on Hazama. Either way I'm not exactly sure how practical it is, but ayy it looks cool.
  7. RentalBlackout

    [CPEX] Azrael - Combo Thread

    Fun with hitboxes. https://youtu.be/_68FnHmcN68 Needs only 40 meter to start EDIT: Alternative version FC 5C>236D RC Dash 5B>2C>6D 6A iad j.C 214C 5A>TCL 22C 2C>6D/3D (BHS) Wait till they bounce a lot closer to you so that 6A doesn't hit them too far/whiff.
  8. RentalBlackout

    [CPEX] Azrael - Video Thread

    Zekuso vs 16th dan Jin(Miya I assume?) 28th February 2015, old one I've missed(might've missed more) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZwp6pve2d0&t=17m56s Zekuso vs 14th dan Celica(Kaqn?) 29th April 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6y0M5DbjMc&t=11m37s Zekuso vs 11th dan Platinum 29th April 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM-hcfcgoMg&t=13m04s Zekuso vs 15th dan Arakune(VER) 29th April 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM-hcfcgoMg&t=15m52s Zekuso vs 14th dan Celica(Kaqn?) multiple times, 29th April 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGU5R3xknSM Zekuso vs 10th dan Hazama multiple times, 29th April 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziVkk62CKTo Zekuso vs 13th dan Tsubaki, and then an 11th dan Tsubaki, 29th April 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zo0iQwM2ZE
  9. RentalBlackout

    [CPEX] Azrael - Combo Thread

    So apparently the sideswap combo 5B>2C>6D, Dash Through, 5A>TCL doesn't work on Tager because he's too big lol No issues with 5B>2C>3D>... however, unless you don't start right next to him(though I think this applies on everyone anyway) 2C>6D>... also works if you are next to him.
  10. RentalBlackout

    [CPEX] Azrael - Combo Thread

    On top of that, some other combos can't use 6B in place of 5B because of hitstun decay/other things, so placing 5B in a combo could imply that 6B isn't possible there. If anything we could compromise by putting 5B/6B instead for combos that could use both. Only if 2C hadn't had its recovery nerfed, I'm sure 5B>2C, 6B would have been possible, but that is not the case any longer =\ EDIT: Midscreen(can also work in corner or in between) [LW] FC 5C>3D, walk forward slightly 5B iad j.A>j.C, CT>214D(slight hold), 5A/5B/2B(possible?)>TCL, 5B jc j.B>j.C jc j.D ~5263dmg, two weakpoints, 4 meter required, builds 3 meter. Pretty hard to do though, depending on characters. Near fullscreen [LW] FC 5C>3D, walk forward slightly 5B iad j.A>j.C, CT>214D(slight hold), 5A/5B jc j.B>j.C jc j.2D, (walk forward 2B)>TCL, 2C>6D ~5745 dmg, one weakpoint, 4 meter required, builds ~6 meter. Ender can vary according to total distance, 5D or 2C>6D /3D or 3D. For both of these combos, the slight walk forward is so that the 5B hits them pretty low to the ground, which is pretty crucial. You could just stand still too.
  11. RentalBlackout

    [CPEX] Azrael - Combo Thread

    Updated previous post to include details =) From old thread Back to corner CH 3D, 6A, Dash 5B hjc j.A>j.B>j.C jc j.2D, (walk forward 2B)>TCL, 22C, 2C>6D/3D 4528~4618 dmg, one weakpoint, 33~34 meter built. CH 3D, 6A doesn't work on Tager, Arakune. Last hit of Rekka whiffs on Litchi type hitboxes(can work on Mu but finnicky). hj.A>j.B>j.C might need to be changed to hj.A>j.A>j.C for some chars. Otherwise it should still work but the timing feels different. CH 3D, delay 2C> delay 3D, 6A, iad j.C, 214D, 5A jc j.A>(j.A)>j.C jc j.2D, TCL(wallstick), 5D/2D 5377~5467 dmg, one weakpoint, 39~40 meter built. Delay varies among characters, seemingly impossible on Rachel, very hard to do on Taokaka(several others). On Litchi(and similar chars) the extra j.A is necessary. After j.2D slight delay before TCL might be needed in that case. More often than not in the same case, 5D won't hit in time, but 2D works. In other situations, 2D is too far away to hit. CH 6D, TC>236D>6*5C/6B>(6*6B) X 4>214C, 3C, 6A, 2C>6D/3D 5152 dmg, one weakpoint, 37 meter built. Sometimes the first 6B whiffs, it depends how far away from the opponent you started your combo. You could sometimes just delay the 6B slightly after the dash however. Try not to do 3C too quickly after 214C, else the weird floating glitch happens. Can also start with CH 5D, 2B>TC>236D, for about 4800ish dmg. EDIT: CH 3D, 6A doesn't work on Carl, and CH 3D, 2C>3D seems impossible to time on him too.
  12. RentalBlackout

    [CPEX] Azrael - Combo Thread

    I think you might be able to replace 5B with 6B here, you have to high jump cancel j.B however. Makes it do 3790 dmg and builds 29 meter =) Using the fatal 5B iad j.A>j.C, CT route Corner FC 5C>(6C, 5A>(2B))>TCL, 5B iad j.A>j.C, CT, 214D(slight hold), 5B jc j.B>j.C jc j.D, around 4395~4598ish damage, two weakpoints, requires 0 meter to start with, ends up with 2~5 meter. You can add the normals in the bracket to the combo but it makes it harder to do somewhat. EDIT: If not heavily prorated you could end with 5B>2C, 5B j.B>j.C jc j.D, for 4616 damage and slightly more meter gain. Found out that on Litchi, you need to use 5A jc j.A>... as the corner actually makes it harder to hit 214D high enough on her.
  13. RentalBlackout

    [CP1.1] Azrael - Video Thread

    Most likely Zekuso, new footage. Az(Zekuso) vs Tao http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm25799631 At 1:38 he does a pretty cool relatively near the corner j. 2C RC combo. Az(Zekuso) vs Terumi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOo6DnBLw-U and other videos(with longer sets) on gamechariot youtube channel, apparently that's where he has been all this while. Az(Zekuso) vs Hazama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNq8EkQHmqE Dash cross up growler RC 6:26, and again to finish the set. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8DNi3YbcgA having a really good time in this one.
  14. RentalBlackout

    [CP1.1] Azrael - Combo Thread

    Pretty sure you could do these last time, but landing a raw Sentinel tends to happen now somewhat and there were no Sentinel starter combos in the old thread. 214C>2C>2B>TCL>Dash jc>j.A>j.B>j.C(delay either j.B or j.C slightly)>land>hj j.C>j.D 4157 dmg ...>Dash>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C jc> j.D works for certain characters for an easier combo(less damage), courtesy of LegendaryRath, probably should get his post info in here somewhere. [uW] 214C>5B(slight delay)>2C>6D>236D>5A/5B>TCL>3D, if you reach the corner you can do TCL>Aerial instead. [uW] 214C>5B(slight delay)>2C>6D>6A>IAD>j.C>214D>5A>j.A>j.B>j.C jc>j.D You can do these with LW too, though you have to forego the 5B after Sentinel and instead go into a slightly delayed 2C>3D(delayed as well). A little unsure how it works but delaying the 3D makes the opponent bounce off the ground slightly higher. Forgot the damage for both combos but it's somewhere in the mid 4k's if I remember correctly.