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  1. Why did they take the demo down already..i cant play at CB in my room
  2. No forum for baiken.. and the kick hs for blitz is super different...but imo your baiken...why blitz when you can counter
  3. Sad they didnt say any special edition or NA again
  4. Any word on when demo drops?
  5. Video is unable to play
  6. I just want some more footage...lol
  7. I like his changes..fr the fact they not permanent. Meter goes down gradually, but has ways of gaining meter as well. Think the big thing will be how fast does the meter reduce. Where the footage lol
  8. Im just hopin for better footage
  9. Not sure on that. Last year rev dropped in june for us and evo was in july. If i misread this my apologies lol
  10. Now we're stuck in limbo again
  11. Or if 2 placed btwn may and johnny along w venim and slayer
  12. Im wondering ...does she have invisibility when changing from azami to counter...or can she get hit out of it? I wonder bc of the slow start up time from counter
  13. Im thinkin a surprised 3rd possibly 4th char at console launch
  14. Haha she look super coo
  15. No sounds like u need to do azami 1st to essentially gc. Im a baiken user ..makes sense..rather then it being free at anytime..u have to azami to gc...unless i am understanding this wrong
  16. Im thinking there might be another surprise or 2..maybe even zappa...BUT ITS FUCKEN BAIKEN . Answer kinda reminds me of Bang from Blaz...
  17. There is suppose to be some news this wknd..we shall see i guess
  18. When did revelator drop in the arcades?? Its been about a year right? Its about that time to add to the story..or is it just me
  19. Its either story right there or her taunt. She had a taunt in xx that she stood like that
  20. I hope this is real..baiken has been missing for way to long lol. Doesnt that tournament start tonite??
  21. Ive only played one May thats been descent. She seems like mixup city..just dont know if they werent able to get goin or not..im not great but far from bad imo..so what do i know lol
  22. Whats been goin on...any news at all..thisnhas been dead for awhile now