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  1. I imagine Bullet would also find it useful since she gains a Heat level just by entering OD. Tsubaki/Izayoi/Amane/Hakumen may be tempted to stay in OD longer to get the benefits of the OD instead. I could see Bang making pretty good use of OD wake-up mixups, especially if he has bumpers or seals up. FRKZ dash/EA/nail dash/Drive options.
  2. Balguna

    [P4AU] Shadow Teddie Combo Thread

    New 2.0 S.Teddie combos by Moja. Midscreen 2C FC > 22A+B > j.A+B > Shadow Frenzy > j.A+B > j.A+B > [land > j.A > j.A+B > j.A+B] x2 > sj.A > j.B > j.2C > j.A+B > j.236A > j.236236[C] > 214214D > ]C[ 6666 damage, requires 100 meter + Burst 2C FC > bdc. > Shadow Frenzy > 2A+B > IAD > j.B > 236C > 236B > j.236236[D] > j.A+B > j.A+B > ]D[ > 236D > 5B > 5C > j.A+B > j.A+B > j.214A > j.236A > j.236236[D] > 5C > 214214A+B > ]D[ 7249 damage, +Poison 2A > 236A > Shadow Frenzy > 2C > j.A+B > j.A+B > sj.A > j.B > j.2C > j.A+B > j.236A > j.236236[C] > 2A+B > j.A+B > j.A+B > .214A > j.236A > j.236236[D] > 5C > 214214A+B > ]D[ 6010 damage, +Poison Corner 5B CH > 22+A > dash 5B > 5C > 5AAA > j.214B > j.236236[D] > 214A+B > ]D[ 3097 damage, +Fear, +Rage 236D FC (warp attack) > 2B > 236C > 5B > 236B > 2A+B > Shadow Frenzy > j.A+B > j.A+B > j.214A > j.236A > j.236236[D] > 214A > ]D[ > 5C > 2C 5096 damage, +Poison(2), requires at least 25 meter + Burst j.B FC > backjump > j.2C > j.C > j.A > j.A+B > Shadow Frenzy > j.A+B > j.236A > j.236B > j.214B > j.236236[C] > 2A+B > j.A+B > j.A+B > j.214A > j.236A > j.236236[D} > 214A > ]D{ > 5C > 214214A+B 7465 damage, +Poison(2)
  3. Balguna

    [P4AU] Teddie Combo Thread

    P4U 2.0 Shadow Teddie combo video by Moja. Practical notations will get transcribed in the other thread eventually.
  4. Balguna

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    If they do port 2.0, what are the chances of there being new content that would require more voice acting? Because it would mean having to get Rise's new VA to cover it.
  5. Balguna

    [P4AU] Teddie Gameplay Discussion

    https://youtu.be/JdwNHctIdmw Looks like MAD's playing S. Yukari now. Don't know if he's subbing her or switching to her as a main from Teddie.
  6. Balguna

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I imagine if there was, there'd be an announcement not too far from/after EVO. They'd definitely want to take advantage of the renewed interest after EVO.
  7. Balguna

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    3 of the Teddies are in the same bracket. That's gonna be a lot of items. Also good to see some representation across the board of characters. Only ones that are really missing are Liz and Marie. Also no S.Chie.
  8. Going to slowly update this with stuff as I play. Working through the Remix Heart stuff first (fair warning, I have no knowledge about any of this stuff) First off, nothing is carried over from the first game, including story completion status. There are separate tabs for Anthrology story and Gag endings (gag endings have to be unlocked). Kokonoe and Terumi are unlocked even if you never had them in the first game. Remix Heart names: Mai Natsume/Hazuki Kajun Faycott Ceclia's Astral English name: Atout Rilettes
  9. I got the English version apparently a bit early, so if people need me to confirm anything I can give it a whirl.
  10. Balguna

    [P4AU] Yukiko Amagi Gameplay Discussion

    https://youtu.be/0_W46elXQVg?t=4377 Yukari's Feather Arrow hits Yukiko for a CH even though she was maintaining Dia. Can anyone elaborate? Unless she stopped Dia and was in recovery.
  11. Balguna

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I think I've seen one S.Rise, but nothing substantial from them. Odd too since every other Shadow console character has more or less proven to be better. Maybe DIE-chan will experiment with her in the future. Haven't really seen any Shadow Labrys (Ariadne) either. I'm assuming the Slab in Damosu's tier list is Asterius? How'd she fall to C?
  12. Balguna

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    RIP Junes Bomber Also noticed that Shadow Akihiko is strangely absent in both lists. The character seems to have gotten a fair amount of play and from what I heard initial impressions was that he was better than the normal version.
  13. Balguna

    [P4AU] Teddie Combo Thread

    Some 236236A combos: 5AA 236A 236236A (Brahman, Salt Neo, Agni) 5AA 2B 2A+B (Agni hits) j.A j.B ~2100 damage, +20 SP (Salt Neo), -50 SP 5AA 236A 236236A (Agni, Curry, Parachute Bomb) 5AA 2B 5B (Curry hits, Agni hits) j.236B (Bomb hits) j.B/{j.A j.236A j.236236[D] 2A+B ]D[ j.B} ~2.9k, corner carry, -50 SP (~4.5k, -50 more meter) From midscreen, one can do 5AAAA before the 236236A for more meter. 5AA 236A 236236A (Dyaus, Barrel, Bike Key) 5AAA 214214C/214214C+D ~1.6k + 3.6k/4.5k unblockable reset, -100 SP There are a few variants of the combo after the item super, but basically you want to keep them blocking the barrel/robot for the unblockable reset. 5AA 236A 236236A (Bike Key, Firecracker, Dry Ice) 2A+B (Dry Ice hits) 214A/B ~2k, corner carry, bike oki, +Poison/Fear, -50 meter Sadly, 214A+B doesn't seem to connect for a Rage reset.
  14. Balguna

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I find it odd he still has S.Teddie in some MYSTERY rank. I mean yeah, it's Teddie and he still has his neutral game, but his damage doesn't get good til 2.0 and his Berserk combos are generally situational, or simply aren't nearly as good as the ranked Shadows. He also lacks a Burst and Teddie doesn't have the best defense options anyway (his DP getting nerfed in P4U2 is pretty harsh for him, despite gaining Nihil Hand).
  15. Balguna

    [P4AU] Teddie Gameplay Discussion

    It's all practice. Just make sure you're not delaying 2B too much either. Also make sure you're doing the full 236 motion before C+D.