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  1. Arcus Diabolus

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    From what it looks like, we won't be getting story mode portraits like we've been getting in BB up til now, which is fine I guess. Its not nearly as necessary as the dub, but it would help with context or comedic stuff. EDIT: Scratch that, in one of the screen shots, Ragna's expression is different. So the base character portraits are getting expression tweaks, at the very least.
  2. Arcus Diabolus

    ArcSys Voice Acting [This thread has rules now]

    Thats a discussion for another topic, but one that needs to be addressed. DL's demise has been mostly due to the lack of freedom to post whatever whenever and just generally be anti fun. I get that it had its reasons, but it got out of hand and many mods jumped ship to Skype, Discord and whatever else, where communities are much more alive.
  3. Arcus Diabolus

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Now CF dub when? I don't know how I feel about a confirmed dub for CTB. On one hand, I'm ecstatic that I'll be able to hear Patrick Seitz's Ragna again, but on the other, CF was where we really needed the dub for a variety of reasons.
  4. Arcus Diabolus

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    This is my general sentiment on the matter as well. I could rant for hours, but to put it simply, no dub for CF would have been alright if they decided to drop the dub earlier in CP or even CS. We wouldn't have been happy about it, but at least it wouldn't feel like we are getting the rug pulled out from under us as the climax of BB and the final chapter of Raggy's story was approaching. If they added a full dub to BBCTB without supplying a full dub to CF as a dlc patch, it'll make me feel like they intentionally dropped the dub from CF just to spite their western audience, as irrational as that may be.
  5. Rip, I live in the western mass area out by the Quabbin Reservoir, so thats a long drive.
  6. Arcus Diabolus

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    So basically my initial hope has been more or less confirmed. I still need to see those price tags though before I hop back on the hype train and try to convince anyone that we all jumped to conclusions. They could have avoided this entire fallout by simply giving us 25 characters, including the 4 RWBY characters and not mentioned the DLC characters in the first place. Telling us that there was going to be 20 at launch and another 20 in DLC was just bad marketing, and honestly I won't really feel bad for them if CTB doesn't sell well because of it. That was just a stupid, entirely not thought out move on their part.
  7. Arcus Diabolus

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    God I would love more balance patches for BB. I seriously wouldn't mind a new balance patch every 6 months or so.
  8. Arcus Diabolus

    [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    I refuse to pass judgement on this game until I see price tags. If the game releases at $40 and the total of dlc runs about $40, though ideally $20, I'd say that I'd be willing to drop $80 on another BB title, and I'm by no means made of money. In fact, I'd appreciate it if they released the game that way. That way, I could buy the game for cheap and be able to play with some of my favorite characters, and then be able to pick and choose who else I want as I get the money to do so. It would, to me, switch from the initially perceived greedy cash grab to a economically friendly fanservice title. I still feel as though Blake and Yang should have been included into the main cast, but hey.
  9. Arcus Diabolus

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    That pose and expression seem somewhat out of character, imo.
  10. Arcus Diabolus

    BlazBlue Official Art Thread and Directory

    I see two dates on the Blazblue side . Any way to clarify which date is for the artbook? And perhaps what the other is?
  11. Arcus Diabolus

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    Having made the switch to a arcade stick (AT LAST) I found my largest issue has been stick handling. Button inputs are fine for me, a sharp improvement over using a pad where my thumb handled all of it, but I found my movements with the stick is noticeably slower. I almost want to say its a matter of distance required to travel in order to make one input or the other, the pad's stick range of movement being much tighter than a arcade stick's, err... stick. This messes up my combo timing at times and much worse it increases my reaction time when responding to my opponent's actions.
  12. Arcus Diabolus

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    At least it isn't like Noel's specials, and she's been weak in almost every installment from the beginning. Most of her specials require you be in drive to use them, and they typically cannot be combo'd out of with the exception of 214A, 22B/C and 236C, 236A/B, which despite not being drive specials, all of which still need a special requirement to either land or use effectively, such as also only being combo fodder. And you figure, both Jubei and Susano'o are brand new. I'd rather new characters start weak and very slowly and steadily work up to being balanced, rather than pulling a Izanami or Nine and being oppressive top tier at launch. (Never forget BBCP launch Kokonoe)
  13. Arcus Diabolus

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    I view the drive as a whole as a different take on Tao's Drive, albeit a bit less flexible until you enter Lotus state.
  14. Arcus Diabolus

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Checked, everyone else just has the red light. I was hoping for at least a different color for each.