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  1. Unfortunately, most of the suits I like to play use MGs. It seems that Mgs really don't have any redeeming values. Are suits with MGs at an objective disadvantage or am I missing something?
  2. Thanks for the answer! I'll be sure to adjust my play next time.
  3. Edit: nevermind, I misread the newbie guide. Next question! I'd really like to get into either the Kai or perhaps even the XM-05. Is there a general guide on playing 1k suits (and thus rear guard)?
  4. Yep, just found this out on another forum as well. I'm looking forward to adding it and also a bunch more Unicorn tracks if I can.
  5. I don't suppose they'll release the tracks as DLC? I ended up getting the regular copy thinking Char ga Kuru was in it! You lied to me Gundam Wikia!
  6. USPSN: Redd_rambler JPSN: OpterCopter My copy just came in! Hoping to play casual games. I'm going to be active until ~mid july so I'm hoping to play a lot until then. Feel free to friend on either account. I'm US East Coast active periodically during weekday afternoons but can make it every evening that I'm not working. Let's go Zeon!