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  1. Leviathan

    [AC+] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    I play as well, but I'm kind of a noob at GG. My gamertag is FNG CollinClark
  2. Leviathan

    [P4A/P4AU] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    Will do. I'm fairly new as well. My only real plag experience is through my offline friends, and the few people I've met in this thread.
  3. Leviathan

    [P4A/P4AU] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    I'm online and down to play. XBL: FNG CollinClark Just add, say you're from Dustloop, and we'll lobby up or play.
  4. Leviathan

    [P4A/P4AU] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    Still getting the hang of my main in Persona 4 Arena. I'm still pretty new. If you're down to play. just add me on XBL and send me a message saying Dustloop. XBL: FNG Collinclark
  5. Leviathan

    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    Just me noobing about as Tager vs. my friend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqyV6wzFmmM&list=PL84_VQt1g5svf4uk7RII_ccjVWJmTEjKl
  6. Practicing GGXXAC+R