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  1. You and me both. I like that color 3rd row 2nd from the left as well. Looks like a different version of Hakumen's color. Wouldnt mind seeing that added either. Also the Dengeki colors. Really want those too.
  2. I was referring more to characters with a large presence in the overall story in general that haven't made it playable. I wasn't claiming he was the most important one missing. Jubei is the only one of the six heroes that cant be played in any way, shape, or form. Trinitys solution is basically Platinum, and she herself claims she isn't a fighter and really only helps others fight. So her appearing in spirit only seems fine. I understand they have already pointed to these things as being issues themselves and that's fine. I was more trying to make the point that assuming from the get go that its impossible without being broken is just lazy. If he's added its because they found a creative way to make it work, and assuming it cant be done just shows a lack of creativity. I mentioned Mewtwo only because people were shortsighted enough to assume that just because something didn't work previously it cant be tweaked to work later. Which isn't terribly different from the comparison of Yoda to a potential Jubie.
  3. I don't have any real investment in Jubie(though I do find it odd that he's the only character not included), but I think its frankly insulting to assume the devs are too stupid to be capable of balancing him. Its up to them to be creative enough to do it right. Characters like Yoda don't automatically prove small characters are impossible. If they are avoiding it for this reason then fine, but you shouldn't just dismiss the idea because you assume he'd be an unbalanced mess. This mindset reminds me of the people saying things like "Why would you want Mewtwo back in smash anyway? He was shit in melee!". It shows a lack of creativity to think like this, and I dont think its healthy or helpful. If they want him in bad enough I'm sure they can manage it without creating the most unfair OP thing on the roster.
  4. Personally I could never get enough of Terumi so I'm more than happy to see him get a 3rd slot as Susanoo. However I have to agree almost completely as it pertains to his personality. His stance and moves all fit the bill for me, but changing his voice for no real reason(especially considering he sounded way cooler as Susanoo in Terumi's astral than he does as a full character. Not to mention he now sounds like generic anime villian #73966.)and the fact I haven't heard any maniacal laughter at all really disappoints me. His animations translate well enough but its almost like he's not himself...which really makes no sense because its literally still him. Maybe this is only an issue for the non Japanese speaking players(and without a dub we'll never really know)but I feel like they really botched such a simple and core aspect of the character.
  5. I have a question reguarding counter hypers when being pressured in the corner. Specifically Terumi's 236236A and Haku-men's 236236D. Not sure if other characters have a move of this sort. When is it safe to attempt these moves while being pressured and can attempting these imputs actually hurt your situation? At times they go off exactly as I'd like them and at other times I seem to get punished for trying them. I'm just trying to figure out if its an execution issue on my end. Another question relating to being put in the corner I'd like to ask is when to air tech, and when to roll out of the corner? My opponents seem to roll out of the corner fairly often but I get punished for not just teching and guarding more often than not. Thanks to anyone who can give any advice.
  6. I have an admittedly stupid question. What does Auto Stage and Auto music select actually do? I admit I havent used it more than a handful of times, but if I had to guess I'd say it picks music and stages according to the characters in the match? Or maybe that was just a coincidence on my end for the few matches I used it.
  7. Grigori

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    It's almost eerie that you specifically mentioned the stuff I was working on yesterday nstalkie. I did actually manage some consistency in the 623D 632146C combo. Tho the hitbox for 623D feels really small sometimes. How's the timing for landing 623D after performing 236236B, and does it require a back dash to land? I couldnt land it consistently enough to make a good judgement about it. Just seems to me with inputs this specific that playing reliably online is almost impossible. I havent played more than a few matches online prior to learning a combo or two so I cant say for sure, but it certainly gives the impression that inputs with no wiggle room would do more harm than good for the online aspect. I appreciate the advice on how to improve. I just dont like that I feel I have to focus so hard on the execution instead of just reacting to the other player. I'm hoping that aspect fades as you get more accustomed to performing moves. I always get tense when I attempt hypers and such, and the amount of matches I could have won if they went off when I tried for them is higher than I care to admit. All that said I really appreciate the response.
  8. Grigori

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    Really appreciate this post. Was able to put together the combos you have all discussed with this information. At the risk of sounding absoulutely terrible at fighting games tho I have to ask how in the hell do you guys consistently do certain moves in this game? Maybe its just me but I cannot for the life of me do moves like 236236B or 623D consistently. Particularly the 623D. I have performed both moves in training mode multiple times with the exact same inputs shown. I'm at a total loss as to how I'm putting in the same inputs for 2 different moves. Is it about speed or the timing of the D button? I know I have to be doing something wrong but it honestly feels like I have RNG with this somethimes. I'm also embarassed to admit I have trouble making a dash work as I'd like it to. I know its just 66 but for whatever reason sometimes it just doesnt work or its later than I want it to be. I dont know how to read when its usable after performing certain moves. And another question I'd like to ask is about the speed of inputs. Do you guys input the next move in the combo before the current one is finished, or is it about timing it perfectly? I get the impression that some combo's dont work without lightning fast inputs. I've played games such as marvel and soul calibur and I've never had this kinda trouble before. This is the first time I've felt like I'm actually fighting the game itself instead of just learning it. Are you all able to perform your combos without frustration? I could really use some pointers for adjusting to a more technical fighting game. I'm sorry for asking questions of this sort but as far as I can tell I'm the only person alive that has this kinda trouble.
  9. Grigori

    [CP] Hazama Combo Theory Discussion Thread

    I'm a complete scrub here so can anyone please tell me what things like Houtenjin, or Zaneiga, or for that matter anything that isnt a command I can read is? Or where I can find out what they are? I cant even begin to attemp these combo's because I have no idea what these things are. I'd really appreciate it.