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  1. Oh boy, this is akward ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. This so much.
  3. Then again, Bang couldn't summon clones out of them
  4. Shades of BlazBlue's Bang with his scrolls working somewhat similar to his nails, but also serving other purposes
  5. If Pachi dares to say another GG is coming...
  6. blazblue

    Knowing you're alive every so often is more than enough.
  7. So troll, he uses a girl's name as an alias... Keep going, Smooth Criminal
  8. We're done. Thank you for coming.
  9. blazblue

    They are in the effects pack.
  10. 1. Nu is mad at Ragna because he wants to save her, yet her busted brain sees that as rejection on his part. If she can get him to attempt to kill her, she might view it as a "reconciliation" of sorts. 2. Hakumen has been in the Boundary, so he may have come close to it and realize it wasn't worth it. And Jin wants to destroy anything that involves being ruled over. A world without gods. Then again, Hakumen may have had this line of thought as well. 3. Ragna, Jin and Saya were found in Relius' lab, who as mentioned above, used to be One, leader of the Ten Sages, as revealed by Nine.
  11. Receiving the Embryo in ''XBlaze'' gave her blue eyes. She also had blue eyes as Nobody.