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  1. Combo timer is even shorter here than in CPEX, which I thought was actually impossible...
  2. Then again, Bang couldn't summon clones out of them
  3. Shades of BlazBlue's Bang with his scrolls working somewhat similar to his nails, but also serving other purposes
  4. If Pachi dares to say another GG is coming...
  5. We were told there would be no demo. Or has that changed?!
  6. RIP chances to see Erik Davies dub Hazama/Terumi ;_;7
  7. Tong, I was told in the Terumi Discord that you could handle sprites. So I wanted to ask if you could help me out on this one.

    CPEX character sprites can be ripped now, and I got Terumi's, but I remembered that the effects of his attacks (the snake energy, the Ouroboros chain, etc.) had been ripped before and weren't included with the character's sprites. Could you please use your magic so as to attach the correct effect to his sprites?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GunBlazer


      Sure, no problem:

      These are the effects. All of the characters' effects are here:


      And Terumi's sprites are here:


      Thank you.

    3. Tong


      'k, which sprites do you want with the effects? I cant possibly do them all.

    4. GunBlazer


      j. C, Crush Trigger, all D attacks and his DDs. Those are pretty much the one that need it.

  8. Dos preguntas, señor jevi:

    Tiene el link del Discord de Terumi?

    Conoce a alguien que maneje Photoshop o sepa lidiar con sprites? Ya conseguimos los de Terumi.

    1. heavymetalmixer


      1) https://discord.gg/9ZcTEHH

      2) No, no conoczco a nadie así : /

  9. Jesus. If that somehow were to be true...
  10. She also has one with her old clothes. IIRC she uses it versus Izanami.
  11. I don't really think she has a weaponless mode.