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  1. yea, the engrish in the japanese voice acting is really cringe worthy. If you dont want to wait and want JP voices, then you could always import, that has never gotten in the way.
  2. at this point i just wish they would make a comment about the bbcf dub so i can get through the anger/relief that comes with it
  3. Finuve

    [CF] Noel Vermillion Video Thread

    I'm surprised I've missed it until this point. I should be able to get it down rather quickly, its not exactly a foreign concept since Marie in P4A uses j.C to landing cancel a j.2B to combo.
  4. Finuve

    [CF] Noel Vermillion Video Thread

    ok, so what in central fiction is allowing to go immediately into d.6B https://youtu.be/K_KTNqjAuNE?t=134
  5. I mean I will..but I wont be happy about it. I care about the story too so I have to buy it twice at that point
  6. I just want a fast localization...Guilty Gear gets it, and once upon a time blazblue did as well
  7. no, you are correct, ill edit to prevent further confusion.
  8. this was one place I was frustratingly stuck when I had access to the game. I'll keep my eye out on videos. I feel like it will start with (CH)5C > 214A > 2B > 6C(1)> 5D
  9. Finuve

    [CF] Noel Vermillion Video Thread

    watched a few from here. Thanks so much for this I never knew it existed. Lots of good info that hopefully I can compile some details from when I get some time.
  10. No video thread yet so I will dumb this here. Noel versus Jin if the embedded video doesnt go straight to the noel fight its at the very end of the video. 236A~66 goes to 5B now, spacing is much further than BBCP/E. It leads to that bad aircombo with revolver blast 2C ender, though its nice to see its possible to run into this combo off of a random d.5A hit. The other combo I see is 5B > 5C > 3C > 22C~66 > 6C > 5D > d.5B > d.2D > d.5B > d.2D > j.214C > 2C which does 3.6k on corner approach. This would definitely be the best 5B starter, and I would want to experiment to see if it had more options for when you are too far from the corner for the drive loop. The best part of the combo is that it works at a 5B range that 5B > 6A > j.C > j.D would whiff
  11. so im about out of time in japan, but one thing I wanted to mention is that d.6D/6D > d.6A > d.6B > d.6D > 22BC~66 > 6C > 5D > mid/corner version seems pretty universal. Since I'm still bad at combo making I've been using this off of every drive starter, and 6B starter outside of the corner, so its either 6D/j.D/6B > 5D/4D all combo into it One thing I need to confirm though, the mid screen version might not work on Makoto. I could've just dropped it, but I hit a makoto with 6D and went into the version with d.5A > d.6A > d.5C and it was either the d.6A or the d.5C that dropped. Ill try and test it to be sure before I leave, and if it fails Ill look for a Makoto alternative. Edit: it's the d.236D that drops on Makoto. Tried for a bit and didn't find an alternative so I just started doing spring raid to get something
  12. I've also been using this in the corner 6B > 5D > d.6A > d.5B > d.2D > d.623D > 6C(1) >5D > d.5B > d.2D > d.5B > d.2D > j.214C > j.2C does 3500, or if you swap out the j.214C > j.2C with fenrir it does 4200 Quick correction on my credited post. That 2b starter is only 2400 damage, it's 2800 if you start with 5B. I'm also finding that the hitstun from 2B is less than 5B by a decent margin. In the corner I'm using this 5b combo 5B > 6A > hjc > j.C > j.D > d.4D > d.2D > d.632D > 6C > 5D > d.5B > d.2D > d.5B > d.2D > j.214C > j.2C However with a 2B starter they tech the 5D so instead I'm doing 2B > 6A > hjc > j.C > j.D > d.4D > d.6B > d.5C > d.6B > d.236D Which is pretty weak for a corner combo. One other issue I'm having is that 2A is fucking useless. You can't chain it to 6A like you can from 5A so you can't use it to start the bnb I listed as a 5B/2B starter, and if you try to do 2A > 5B/2B > 6A > hjc > j.C > j.D > etc it doesn't work because they tech the j.D. So it has to be 5A/5B/2B starter, making 2A basically useless. I haven't tried doing anything like 2A > 2B > 2C yet
  13. Finuve

    [CP] Noel Vermillion - Q&A Thread

    I finished this video so long ago! I need more! seriously though, this video is about the only reason I have made any progress with combos
  14. bleh...still struggling 2D > d.5A > d.6B > d.6A > d.5b > 665B > sj.C > j.D > d.6B > d.5C > d.6B > 22C~66 > 6C > 6B > 22B no issues at all, but with the 4D starters im still getting the 6B teched every time...ill keep at it
  15. well on 4D > d.2D > d.6B > d.5C > d.5B > 236A > 665B > (5C) > sj.C > j.D > d.6C > d.2D > d.6B > 22C~66 > 6C > 6B > 22B I seem to drop it everytime, whereas on 6A and 5A starters I have no issues