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  1. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    See my for any new update concerning the scene.
  2. First of all, Thank you all for showing up at the event. We really wanted to make a come back after a long hiatus. I didn’t think a lot of people would actually show up (around 80+ attendees) which is wild for The First UMAD i ever went to and helped hosting. I received a lot of kind messages about the event and i'm grateful for it. But there's still a lot i would like to arrange for next UMAD. So you guys can enjoy it even more! Big Shoutout To MixedVirtualArts (MVA) to allow us to use their venue to host this event!! Godlike space with cool people! And they even opened for us on Sunday because people really liked it and wanted to come back after UMAD just to play more! I’m really thankful to them. Also shoutout to them for providing T-shirts for the event! they are godlike. Shoutout to everyone From NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY for actually showing up! SKD for winning blazblue and coming to Montreal! It means a lot to me. Lordknight for always coming to UMAD and winning everytime! Mahouko for the Karaoke duo with Tenma and winning +R with bridget Stickbug for skipping AX and bringing BEER greatfernman, BTom, FOX?(idk if he’s USA or toronto lmao). Fox still owes me 20 pushups for the purple grabs. Shoutout to mahouko’s friend for driving him here and SKD’s gf for coming support his man which was quite a surprise! You Guys ROCK. Hope you guys enjoyed UMAD, POST UMAD (RED DRAGON’S DEN) and Montreal Overall. Hope to see you all again next year! LK i’m definitely gonna make you a long island ice tea next time behind the counter. Shoutout to Everyone From ONTARIO REGION, theres too many, Toronto, hamilton, london, ottawa, etc,etc. Shoutout to Tenma for the BOOZE and godlike karaoke skills philip for that self-destruct against brice on stream. Hope you can come visit again! entelefuff for not dying Qelaion for playing bedman and actually placing top 8 oldllama for coming just for Koihime. Taobaka(or DJChilvary) For the AMAZING UMAD 2017 Opening. That sht was hype. Shoutout to SenorSaturno For Hosting a Persona 4 Ultimax Side Tournament! Hope people actually enjoyed playing P4U again. Looking at the matches makes me miss that game a lot (even though i dont play it) Shoutout to SJ for actually showing up even he doesn't really play the games. Shoutout to TEK for defeating LK during the 3v3 Teams tournament. Shoutout to PepperySplash For FACING LORDKNIGHT for us and defeating BRICE for me. BIG SHOUTOUT TO MORTIFIED AND HIS FRIEND MASTER DAIK FOR ACTUALLY RUNNING THE STREAM FOR 2 DAYS STRAIGHT. YOU ARE GODS AND THE QUALITY WAS MIND BLOWING. I Hope you all enjoyed the event! And of course Shoutout to EVERYONE from my own Region MONTREAL. Shoutout to KAERU for giving us a GODLIKE UMAD2017 Logo ! Shoutout to DERQ for giving us FREE HOMEBREWED BEERS and running BRACKETS like a LOUD MAN. good sht. Shoutout to WES AKA MTLWOLF for running the side tournaments and GREAT POSTER FOR UMAD 2017. STOP BEING ON TILT. Shoutout to FAN for actually running brackets really well with a little of help and not DQing SKD Kappa. And helping with my 2nd stream. Shoutout to WAKEUPDP for running Brackets for umad Once Again! Shoutout to Icekin for the DONUTS! and actually placing top 8 at BB with Susanoo/ES lol. Shoutout to KIRAS and PATTY from the MTLSF crew for showing up and actually play in tournament! Would love to see more of the MTSF guys to come play. The more we are. The more fun it is! Fuck you Rene. Shoutout to Woolie for surprisingly showing up just to play casuals with people! Shoutout to Airmaster and his tomodachi for bringing gundam Versus on Friday to make people play it! I know we couldn't put gundam this year. But i'll reconsider for next year. I saw mahouko pop off so hard playing it. It looked very fun lol. Shoutout to our MAN POCHP (Pedro) for hosting the Event AND do GREAT in Grand finals against SKD. Holy sht that was wild set. Shoutout to the MTL newblood(Hydrea,Toupetta,VinceX,Gintoki) for actually showing up not only during our meetups/redbull event, but UMAD ALSO! I love seeing new players perform within a big tourney with big NAMES. Shoutout to Lafleur for feeding our players. Shoutout to COQS (self explanatory). Shoutout to Rurouni and Fan for providing EXTRA Prize for GG/BB Shoutout to Dex (Kazuhiro) for showing up for blitzkampf and drink with the creww. Shoutout to brice for placing atleast top 8 at every game he entered lol. Shoutout to COUP. Shoutout to AUBERGE DU DRAGON ROUGE for GODLIKE FOOD and ACTORS Shoutout to everyone who i didn't mention and was at the event. It wouldn't have been great without you all. I didn't get to chat and drink with everyone but it was fun! And with that SEE YOU NEXT TIME. All tournament Results can be found here: All tournament Video Archives: Twitter moment:
  3. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters Umad 2017 Tshirt on Pre-Order before june 22nd! Grab it at the day of the event! (July 1st) Make sure you mention your name and size in the Order Notes
  4. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Status Update of our Local meetups Where are the meetups? At VersusGamingCenter Adress: 1061 Saint laurent Suite 103 When are the meetups? Every Thursday! 6pm until 11pm (including tekken 7 crew) Do i have to pay to come play? 5$ = weekday Discord channel? Facebook group? whens UMAD 2017?
  5. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Redbull Proving Grounds : Montreal Underground Hype (June 3rd) Tournament Results GGXRD Rev2 1- Brice 2- Pochp 3- Scrubtrash BBCF 1- Brice 2- Pochp 3- DerQ
  6. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    ROAD TO UMAD ROUND ROBIN WEEKLY starting from today we will hold 5 man round robin for BB/GG at Mixedvirtualarts every friday until the big thing. Address: 2069 Parthenais Montreal, Quebec, QC H2K 3T1 - tell me which game you want to be put in - Players will be drawn at random on that day - names not drawn will be kept for the following week
  7. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

  8. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Montreal Airdashers Monthly #6 Results Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2v2 1. Noushin (Lofo/Thelo) 2. Embryo was Right (PochP/Sora No Yakumo) 3. ChezToupetta (Toupetta/Fan) 4. Le-No (Glacial-Reign/Essay) 5. 5K (Sage/Abenson) 5. Daijobullet (Benjinator/Scrubtrash) 7. BestSolMTL (Spider/Nachos) 7. Edgelords (Sam/Neanis) 9. Potheads (brice/steff) Blazblue Central Fiction 2v2 1. #NOHOMO (neanis, Reyntime) 2. MauditFrancais (Pochp, Mawari) 3. JmenCawlissEsti (Brice, Dhaos) 4. :Pukapab: (Icekin, Fan) 5. Loup Brésilien dévoré par la noirceur (SamTheGreat, Nachos) 5. #YESHOMO (Spider, Benjinator) 7. Shitposting (Abenson, Tony) Montreal Underground Hype : Redbull Proving grounds Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Singles 1. Brice 2. Essay 3. Sora No Yakumo 4. Sage 5. Reyntime 5. Scrubtrash 7. Glacial Reign 7. Thelo 9. Fan 9. MTLxSpider 9. PochP 9. Steff 13. Abenson 13. Benjinator 13. Kirbster 13. Steb 17. Banicked 17. Kiras 17. Lofo 17. Manaboy 17. Patty 17. Rurouni Blazblue Central Fiction Singles 1. Kirbster 2. PochP 3. Brice 4. SamTheGreat 5. Fan 5. Reyntime 7. Dhaos 7. MTLxSpider 9. Abenson 9. Rurouni 9. Scrubtrash 9. Sora No Yukamo 13. LeWall 13. Manaboy (DQd after 1st game) 13. Mawari 13. Steb 17. Jean-guy
  9. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Montreal Airdasher is having two Events at the end of March! Events are in different locations but kind of close to each other MARCH 31st (FRIDAY) Montreal Monthly Airdasher Monthly #6 @ MVA Our Monthly Tournament hosted at our local meetup. we will run a 2v2 team waseda style for both Guilty Gear and Blazblue! (venue fee is 7$, games are free to enter) APRIL 1st (SATURDAY) Redbull Proving Grounds : Montreal Underground Hype Featuring Guilty Gear and Blazblue as Side tournaments! Click the link Above to Pre-Register! Come participate and support our scene and games!
  10. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    MTL Airdashers Monthly #5 Results Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Swiss Rounds 1. Scrubtrash (Chipp) 2. Brice (Potemkin) 3. Reyntime (Leo) 4. fan (Sin) 5. PochP (Dizzy/Ky) 6. SamTheGreat (Zato) 7. Spider (Sin) 8. Dex (Ky) 9. DerQ (Bedman/Kum) 10. Kiras (Sol) 11. Patty (Raven) 12 Nachos (Sol) 13. Hush (Raven) 14. Rurouni (Dizzy) Blazblue Central Fiction Double Elimination 1st PochP (Mu-12) 2nd Brice (Tager) 3rd SamTheGreat (Valkenheyn) 4th DerQ (Amane) 5th Neanis (Azrael) 5th Reyntime (Susano/Kagura) 7th Dex (Nine) 7th Nachos (Ragna) 9th Dhaos (Nine) 9th Fan (Jin) 9th Scrubtrash (Hibiki) 9th Spider (Mai) 13th Rurouni (Es) 13th Wolf (Izayoi) Monthly #5 Playlist: Thank you for watching and attending! #PSYDUCKISBACK
  11. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Forgot to mention but. We are now running BBCF Danisen League every friday at MVA. This friday is going to be our #4 (wont be there this friday cuz dashfest) Stream: Youtube: if you wanna participate come to Mixed Virtual Arts and CALL NEXT. Adress : 2069 Rue parthenais (Station Frontenac)
  12. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    Monthly Airdashers #5 Blazblue Double Elimination Guilty Gear Xrd Swiss Rounds Date : February 24th 2017 Location : MixedVirtualArts 2069 Rue Parthenais, Montreal, QC (near Frontenac Metro)
  13. Montreal: Le Thread Generale Pour Weeaboo Fighters

    MTL Airdashers Monthly #4 Results Akatsuki Blitzkampf Double Elimination 1. Thelo (Blitztank/E-Soldat) 2. Dex (Marylin) 3. Brice (Akatsuki) 4. Mawari (E-soldat/Fritz) 5. Fan (Akatsuki) 5. PochP (Kanae) 7. Gintoki (Akatsuki) 7. Scrubtrash (Akatsuki) 9. Amazon (Adler) 9. DerQ (E-Soldat) 9. Reyntime (Blitztank) 9. Spider (Adler/Murakumo) GGXRDR Swiss Rounds 1. Sam (Zato) 2. Brice (Potemkin) 3. Thelo (Axl Low) 4. Scrubtrash (Chipp) 5. Pochp (Dizzy/Ky) 6. Greenix (Slayer) 7. Fan (Sin) 8. Reyntime (Raven/Leo) 9. Dex aka Kazuhiro(Ky) 10. Darkrush (Ky) 11. Spider (Sin) 12. DerQ (Venom/Kum) 13. Gintoki (Sol) 14. Amazon (Raven) BBCF Double Elimination 1. PochP (Mu-12/Nine) 2. Gone (Jin) 3. Brice (Tager) 4. Darkrush (Ragna) 5. Fan (Jin) 5. Nachos (Ragna) 7. Dhaos (Nine) 7. Scrubtrash (Tsubaki) 9. AirMaster (Kagura) 9. Gintoki 9. DerQ (Taokaka) 9. Thelo (Hakumen) Thanks for coming! Monthly #4 Playlist