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  1. Forgot to mention but. We are now running BBCF Danisen League every friday at MVA. This friday is going to be our #4 (wont be there this friday cuz dashfest) Stream: Youtube: if you wanna participate come to Mixed Virtual Arts and CALL NEXT. Adress : 2069 Rue parthenais (Station Frontenac)
  2. Monthly Airdashers #5 Blazblue Double Elimination Guilty Gear Xrd Swiss Rounds Date : February 24th 2017 Location : MixedVirtualArts 2069 Rue Parthenais, Montreal, QC (near Frontenac Metro)
  3. MTL Airdashers Monthly #4 Results Akatsuki Blitzkampf Double Elimination 1. Thelo (Blitztank/E-Soldat) 2. Dex (Marylin) 3. Brice (Akatsuki) 4. Mawari (E-soldat/Fritz) 5. Fan (Akatsuki) 5. PochP (Kanae) 7. Gintoki (Akatsuki) 7. Scrubtrash (Akatsuki) 9. Amazon (Adler) 9. DerQ (E-Soldat) 9. Reyntime (Blitztank) 9. Spider (Adler/Murakumo) GGXRDR Swiss Rounds 1. Sam (Zato) 2. Brice (Potemkin) 3. Thelo (Axl Low) 4. Scrubtrash (Chipp) 5. Pochp (Dizzy/Ky) 6. Greenix (Slayer) 7. Fan (Sin) 8. Reyntime (Raven/Leo) 9. Dex aka Kazuhiro(Ky) 10. Darkrush (Ky) 11. Spider (Sin) 12. DerQ (Venom/Kum) 13. Gintoki (Sol) 14. Amazon (Raven) BBCF Double Elimination 1. PochP (Mu-12/Nine) 2. Gone (Jin) 3. Brice (Tager) 4. Darkrush (Ragna) 5. Fan (Jin) 5. Nachos (Ragna) 7. Dhaos (Nine) 7. Scrubtrash (Tsubaki) 9. AirMaster (Kagura) 9. Gintoki 9. DerQ (Taokaka) 9. Thelo (Hakumen) Thanks for coming!
  4. MTL Airdashers Monthly #4 Feat. AKATSUKI BLITZKAMPF! :FIRE: :FIRE: tournament will feature 3 games Blazblue central fiction, Guiltygear Xrd Revelator and Akatsuki Blitzkampf :fire: Date: 20 January 2017 location : MixedVirtualArts 2069 Parthenais, Montreal, QC (near Frontenac Metro) more info :
  5. Thank you all for coming To the Monthly! MTL Airdashers Monthly #3 Results: GGXRDR Swiss Round 1. Reyntime (Raven/Leo) 2. Pedro (Ky) 3. Scrubtrash (Chipp) 3. Derq (Kum) 5. Thelo (Axl Low) 6. SamTheGreat (Zato=one) 7. Fan (Sin) 8. Darkrush (Ky) 9. MTLxSpider (Sin) 10. Unrated (Ramlethal) BBCF 3v3 Random Teams 1. sucemoile.bat (Derq,Reyntime,SamTheGreat) (Amane,Bang,Valkenheyn) 2. merry christmas (Spider,Fan,Darkrush) (Mai,Jin,Ragna) 3. HOLYORDER (Thelo,Amazon,Icekin) (Hakumen,Izayoi,Es) 4. SeeMeInGranblueFantasy (Scrubtrash,EggOfNeanis,Unrated) (Tsubaki,Izanami,Bullet) Thank you all once again and Merry Christmas you filthy animals. Youtube Playlist :
  6. Hello Hello Montreal Airdasher Monthly #3 Happening the 23rd of December @ MVA Facebook link below for more details MTL airdasher discord :
  7. More pics babyy Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  8. IT WAS ALL PLANNED Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  9. Yes there is a meetup at MVA. Friday. We will be running a tournament for gg and kof. Also bbcf demo will be available if u want try it out.
  10. if we gave enough consoles. Lets do Swiss round baby lmao
  11. if we gave enough consoles. Lets do Swiss round baby lmao
  12. MVA will be hosting a 3 day event for EVO viewing. 18+ Friday : 7$ (opens at 6pm) Saturday: 10$ (opens at 2pm) Sunday: 7$ (2pm) ** if you plan on going all 3 days : 15$ BYOC/stick/etc Address : 2069 Parthenais, Montreal, Quebec H2K 3T1 Facebook Link:
  13. While some of the guys will be at evo. My birthday is also happening during the same day. So I thought we could go eat at Kazu (ramenshop) that is located in downtown. And I want to know which day is preferably better for you guys to go eat there. (Friday,Saturday or sunday) Sankishin post:
  14. We mainly play granblue online Kappa