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  1. mixedmethods

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Stay on topic. Broad convos about what constitutes "game balance" and "fun" are not on topic; discussion of (tentative conclusions because we've had arcade for all of a few days) CF's balance changes is at least in the area of on topic, but if it turns into a meandering sidequest, then I'm summoning a gazebo in attack mode to wipe the party.
  2. mixedmethods

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Ironically, I'm a woman....
  3. mixedmethods

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    Please return to discussing gameplay. If you want to talk aesthetics, keep it to "I was hoping Nine would look more like [character/her story mode form/whatever]" rather than "so fanservice" and "how women are portrayed in video games." (It's not that the latter isn't an important subject, but either start a thread for discussion of women in BB or drop it. This isn't the thread.)
  4. mixedmethods

    [P4AU] Shadow Labrys 2.0 Video Thread

    Rurouni, you're the goddamn best. (Seriously.) Next tournament we find ourselves at, I'm breaking Dustloop protocol and paying you for your work. By which I mean I'll buy you a drink. ;)
  5. mixedmethods

    [CF] Blazblue CENTRAL FICTION: News and Gameplay Discussion

    On topic. Fun's over. "My brother says..." is not a valid source. You guys know the rules, so now let's return to following them.
  6. mixedmethods

    [P4AU] Ken Amada Gameplay Discussion

    Hi, yes, I exist. Now that it's likely the US will be getting 2.0, I did a big write up on 2.0 Ken's changes, impressions, etc. The Tweet and subsequent discussion is here. (If you'd rather skip straight to the Evernote: Ken 2.0 Impressions (mixedmethods).) Let me me know what you think and let's talk Ken! Can't wait for that buffed j.A.
  7. mixedmethods

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Friendly reminder that this is happening tonight. CEO match analysis, BananaKen vs. Souji, 9PM EST at twitch.tv/neo_orgia. Bring questions and popcorn!
  8. mixedmethods

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Evo pools are now final. Some helpful links: Player Search Full Bracket Ho-chan's Evernote with players to watch by pool.
  9. mixedmethods

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    For those looking forward to Evo: the schedule is out and P4AU will start and finish on Friday.
  10. mixedmethods

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Updated Evo attendance list: [collapse]Aguro (Narukami) Pet (Adachi) Okusan (Ken) Tahichi (Margaret, Yukari) Mokke (Yosuke) DIE-Chan (Rise) Mui (Aigis) Damosu (Adachi) Souji (Kuma) Shuuto (Mitsuru) wakabo (Mitsuru) purepure (Labrys) Koichi (Aigis) Domi (Akihiko) Setsuo (Aigis) JEO (S. Mitsuru) Hagiwara (Kuma) BLEED (Margaret) Uinyan (Rise) Cho (Ken) Unconfirmed: Yume (Aigis, 2.0 Marie)[/collapse]For those who just like stats in terms of "players per character": Narukami, Yosuke, Labrys, and Akihiko are at 1; Adachi, Rise, Ken, Margaret, and Kuma are at 2; Aigis and Mitsuru are at 3. Souji will be at CEO and has expressed interest in playing long sets; he's also okay with those games being recorded. He also said he's already been reviewing BananaKen's recent footage to prepare for the tournament -- Japan is definitely watching our tournaments (and Aguro watches TSB streams).
  11. mixedmethods

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Ho-chan released this list earlier today, reposted here for those who don't want to click: Collapsed: One more time.: - Souji - DIEchan - Mui - Okusan - Domi - Tahichi - pet - Damosu - JEO - Shuuto - Cho - Aguro and of course myself I've asked Ho-chan to review the list I posted previously and confirm/deny any discrepancies. I would suggest assuming that players named as attending by reputable sources are still competing until there's clear confirmation otherwise (Mokke, for example).
  12. mixedmethods

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Arnei: That's more or less what Sorashido said, but we were speculating on the whiff-cancels. In any event, he's now (or was as of a week or so ago) the top PSR S. Rise. Because... she didn't. In 1.1 tier lists, Shab was C tier. In the majority of 2.0 tier lists, she's been placed similarly. Koichi and I think Tahichi placed her in A/A+ in their lists, but those are the exceptions. Long story short, Japanese tier lists consistently undervalue Shab for a variety of reasons -- just look at 1.1: her development (in Japan) stopped relatively early in the game's lifespan; it wasn't until earlier this year that BananaKen began playing again and the character was fully fleshed out (air-turn j.214, for example). From what I've seen of 2.0 Shab footage and from the bit I've talked to Sorashido, my understanding is that the Japanese players aren't aware of or at least aren't utilising Shab's new tech (meterless knockdown + stronger oki), which is unfortunate. There also don't seem to be that many high-level Shab players active, which influences tier lists since the makers are assessing character strength based on whom they've played and their own experiences fighting the character. Having watched entirely too much 2.0 footage from both the top Shab players and more mid-level ones and from talking about 2.0 Shab extensively with Jose, I really don't buy Shab's C tier placement as anything other than "same tier, different iteration of the game." She's ridiculously good in 2.0 -- average meterless damage is up, CH 2B combos are doing the same or more than FC 2B, j.2B/j.BB untech buff is hilarious, she has better pressure and oki options thanks to Asterius's start-up and endurance increases, actual blockstrings... oh, and 2B is jump-cancellable on block. Hallelujah! I've seen players make use of some of her new tools (and they are scary) but I haven't yet seen 2.0 footage of a Shab player who is playing the character to her fullest extent (not that there's as much footage of Shab as there is of, say, Ken, Adachi, Aigis, etc.). My take? "It's Japan devaluing Shab again, must be a day that ends in Y." Like Anne said before, look at who's remained in the top and bottom five consistently, watch footage, think about the character's gameplan and how easily they can achieve it, how their good and bad MUs changed. From Arena to Ultimax, Shab lost some overwhelmingly bad MUs where her only hope was Titanonachia, and historically bad MUs such as Kuma are now 5-5 or even slight Shab advantage. Looking at 1.1 to 2.0: some unfavourable MUs became Shab favour, some that were favourable are more unpleasant, etc., but she isn't suddenly going 3-7 against the cast or even the top five. Ken has... specific issues against Shab that haven't changed despite his buffs (and the changes to Ken were exactly the changes I was hoping for in terms of fixing certain weaknesses and stabilising confirms); S. Mitsuru and S. Chie are still S. Mitsuru and S. Chie, etc., but the MUs aren't unwinnable. Looking at Shab specifically: her average damage is up yet again, and neutral was buffed further, but she lost cheesy, abusable whiff-cancels... which is, again, reminiscent of her losing CH DP > 5A combos and Titano spam from Arena to Ultimax. The only major nerfs she took were in minimum damage (150 meter combos with Titano + Brutal B x2 don't hit as hard -- Brutal B minimum damage dropped from 1450 to 1050, Brutal SB is now useless) and her ability to mash 2C in blockstun. On the other hand, 2C, 5C, and the Buffalo Hammer series are now insanely fast and FC; CH DP reliably going into a meaty 2C is hilarious and fantastic, giving her more reward off of her DP since grab set-ups are possible from there. If you want to know more, her 2.0 changes thread is full of info and discussion, but long story short, tier lists are imperfect and she's really good in 2.0. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Particularly once Jose has a chance to optimise and lab everything in 2.0.
  13. mixedmethods

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Okusan confirmed some new names heading to Evo. Full list is under the cut: [collapse]Aguro (Narukami) Pet (Adachi) Okusan (Ken) Tahichi (Margaret, Yukari) Mokke (Yosuke) DIE-Chan (Rise) Mui (Aigis) Damosu (Adachi) Souji (Kuma) Yume (Aigis, 2.0 Marie?) wakabo (Mitsuru) purepure (Labrys) Koichi (Aigis) Domi (Akihiko) Setsuo (Aigis) JEO (S. Mitsuru) Hagiwara (Kuma) BLEED (Margaret) Uinyan (Rise) Cho (Ken) [/collapse] If you watched KSB or A-Cho's recent 2v2, then some of these names should look very familiar! Which is good, as KSB gave us a chance to see some of these players playing 1.1 offline -- always helpful. Despite being confirmed initially, MAD later said that unless he won KSB, he would not be attending Evo, so I have removed him from the list; if anyone knows something more, please correct me. As far as who's playing whom: Tahichi stated that he will use both Yukari and Margaret depending on the MUs he faces, while Okusan announced that he was switching to Ken roughly two months ago. Ho-chan is also attending Evo but since he's living in the US now, I didn't include him as part of the Japanese team. In other news, LK made a final 1.1 tier list. You can see the original on his blog. The final version (with reasoning) is here, with Twitter discussion flowing from the initial Tweet and a follow-up. Since 1.1 is what we'll be playing at Evo, this is all worth reading.
  14. mixedmethods

    [P4AU] Shadow Labrys - Video Thread

    05/03/2015 BB (S. Lab) vs. Souji (Kuma) (KSB P4AU Losers Semis) Note this is probably the last 1.1 offline footage we'll see. And, unfortunately, it is shaky-cam due to technical issues during KSB, but the quality is still fairly good.