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  1. Blueriku

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    I like to add to this, I also hada chance to go to round one in so-cal and play Izayoi and there a few things i can confirm some things in this post. First off her j.B is better and the old one wont be missed but you can also use J.b to cross up. As far as her corner combo that involves 2.C, Valkyrie and knocks up too high to follow with 2.C and 2.C itself does seem to have it little suction property to it meaning after the first hit if you hit with it on the edge it knock the opponent back up, 2.C also seems to tax the combo rate a bit more but this may be the combo rate nerf game wide that is in affect. All of her Air Crusade seraphims as mentioned above are good spacing tools, they are a decent approach tool for those that think they can A mash or wait to anit air you. seraphims seem to serve as an ender as noir edge did following up with strike fall afterwards, I have not found any other use in combos for it although my time was limited to test this. her 3C does slide forward a bit and still auto techs unless you immediately 236.B which will still force an auto tech afterwards. Her 6.A does not knock back as it once did and does not link from 5.B or 5.C any longer Her 6.B seems to have faster hit recovery although its slight, aegis blade also has faster hit recovery. as mentioned above most of her usual BnB's in gain art mode no longer work, I need to test this again once i get the chance to see what is optimal. over all she feels in-between cp and cpex, she feels to be a high tier character still too.
  2. Blueriku

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    I wondering what strings you guys using for OD midscreen , GA throw mid-screen and corner, Fatal using Valkyrie and fatal NM 2C i wing it most of time and most of the time i work it out but haven not got anything solid yet.
  3. Blueriku

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    It seems I cant combo Valkyrie>214 B> 5B it seems 5B cant connect anymore, it this correct or am i doing it to slow?