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  1. Try to switch user. I found this advice in twitter and with switched user I can navigate with madcatz TE though menus and it is available for selection in all modes.
  2. A bit late, but I have madcatz soul edition stick (it reskinned TE afaik) and it doesn't work with the demo
  3. Hi, I watched Daedron's combo tutorial vid and stumbled a bit. Is 5BB>5CC>623C>j.236A(w)>5C>2C>236D>6C>CT>5C>2CC>jc j.C>jc j.CC>j.214A character specific? (video link) Can't do it on Ragna. CT>66>5C isn't connecting. As far as I can see 236D hits too early so Ragna flies too far away.