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  1. Yo what's good man! I've been back in the lab by myself recently in AC, a couple of the Hartford guys are waiting for the PS3 AC to come out so we can all get back into it again, it's been too long.

  2. ShibuyaX

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    Only have a ps2 stick so I would have to use one of u guys stuff... Btw don't know where it's located at
  3. ShibuyaX

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    I can try to make it out to this although I don't play bb, persona, or any other anime fighter. I just play GG, sf4, doa5 and Tekken. Btw I'm down for casuals w/e u guys do them don't really do shyt else considering I'm new to Michigan
  4. ShibuyaX

    The Michigan Thread 35 - Kupo.

    I'm in madison heights area and I play guilty gear accent core... Don't know if anyone is near me or if anyone plays it but if so send me a pm or just respond to my post... Been inactive for a bit but I used to be pretty good.. Also new to Michigan so wouldn't mind chilling wit a few gamers.. Let me know wats up
  5. Sup Man U still play gg???

  6. Just been overr to Shibuya playing the new GG. It is sweet. Out of retirement is the place to be; the new robo looks fun. We need to get you out traveling every once in a while. Good to know you are still kicking man.

  7. yo sup son....heard a new GG coming out...gonna have to come outta retirement

  8. ShibuyaX

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    can finally dust off my stick and bring it back out for a bit
  9. Noone plays gg anymore...they like easier more flashy games. Lol
  10. Hey come down to ryans on Thursday and play gg...if u want some good comp come on down ill give out ass kickings all night!!!!
  11. Sup son!!!!! Ill be in ct this Saturday for a week.. For anyone that don't know me and wann get on some gg let me know..or if u wanna chill hit me up send a pm of number psycho
  12. LOL i remember you...u also were playing GGAC if i remember correctly..i was the Robo ky player
  13. Name: Shibuya Location: Duluth,Norcross Travel: For local about an hour around atlanta..for big gathering about and hour lol Who i play: well im a GG player but in BB i play litchi and bang. Skill level: competitive...if comp is better than me i train if not i dont basically...i dont spend X amount in training mode unless the scene is good players.. What to expect: Since my fav Game GG is dead i dont expect anything from it...so ill try BB and take my skills to the next level..
  14. and GGxxac going on this weekend...thought i might ask...i also play a little bit BB
  15. ShibuyaX

    [GGAC] Robo-Ky: Talky-Talky Goes Here!

    the best advice i can give vs eddie is learn to block his 6k. if u can block that then you have won half the battle. that is the most basic advice i can give...what i do is block low till i see the high coming...and i try to watch out for eddie grabs too. We cant give you much advice on eddie unless you play like a very good eddie all the time and can use the stuff people say. Watching vids will help slightly but until u get hands on you probably wont do so great when u first come in contact witih one. been playing AC since game came out and i still dont truly know how to beat one.