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  1. Any new vid of Baiken?
  2. Any new video of my Baiken?
  3. Release date for consoles: 05/26/2017 http://www.inside-games.jp/article/2017/01/26/104936.html
  4. Will Rev2 have a new trophy list or only any new trophies like in Arcade Edition/Ultra Street Fighter IV?
  5. Where are Baiken and Answer on character select?
  6. I need more vids of my Baiken...
  7. When is Toushinsai? <3
  8. How do guard crush in BBCF? Edit: I did...
  9. Any image of NOL Noel?
  10. Does Dizzy out in japanese version?
  11. Does anyone have the badge list transladed?
  12. Nice. Is there an easy way to see this effect? I never saw it...
  13. A doubt about trophies... Crossroads "Witnessed the Dramatic Finale." What is it?