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  1. Nyaa

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    Carded I presume? Probably, but the biggest advantage of this is that doing 2D > IAD DP is more consistent and works on more characters, and you can more consistently do (when ryujin is charged) 2D > 236S~K > 236K~214K(whiff) and dash up and continue the combo. Before this was harder and didn't work on every character, but it works much better now because they're higher in the air when ryuujin hits them. This also works because 236S~K got a slight buff as well and launches a bit higher so yeah they add up. As far as knockdown goes, 2D have them knocked down for just 1f longer. :P
  2. Nyaa

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    Big ones are faster max charge and ryujin real invu. If you tk carded ryujin it's invu from f1-f8 and goes active at f8 meaning it will beat a lot of stuff just because now. It's great. Also all the stronger characters got sent to the hospital. All in all a great day for her.
  3. Jam could always do 6K5H, nothing new. Pushback is reduced which is nice for combos, but for block it's useless as FD-blocking still pushes her away. If you don't FD against Jam you're failing hard. However she can now consistently do stuff like 6K5H6K on characters like Chipp, which is super nice. Jams real buff however is max card charge is much faster, and carded ryujin (dragon kick) is much much much more useful. With one card, tk ryujin is invul from f1 to f8, goes active at f8, so it's a vertical dp if you want to look at it that way (for neutral, doesn't work on wakeup of course). Max charge ryujin is really strong, bascially if Jam has max ryujin she can beat pretty much ANYTHING if you're not careful.
  4. Nyaa

    Jam Kuradoberi General Discussion

    There's a FAQ section on the Jam discord with a very handy pastebin for this: http://pastebin.com/CpnUCNf7 I copied everything to a google keep note that I have available when I'm playing, helps a lot.
  5. Hitbox mod was updated! Swords are a thing! I updated the pastebin, it should be very complete. http://pastebin.com/qyaQaTCn SURE!
  6. I screenshotted every notable hitbox of Ram. http://pastebin.com/3rbpTTdv
  7. To expand on that, you can get similar damage by ending with PPP but it requires you to do harder combos that often requires dustloops, all in all doing dustloops into PPP gives the opponent more burst and meter than doing shorter combos into KKK. Damage is same but execution is lower and burst/meter gain is lower.
  8. Sounds like decent combos, note that fS xx 6H/6S is also viable if you need the range. Followups sounds solid though people usually have their own variations. I don't do j2H/j2S right after 2D or j8D and rather opt for grounded 2H/2S but that's my personal preference as it doesn't matter too much. Depends slightly on what oki you want to do afterwards. I don't understand why some use 6K in deployed corner combos after j2H hits. The variation I do is *splat* > filler > j2H land cS > j2S IAD jH land j8D. It puts you right next to them ready for the j8D and deployed jH does more damage than 6K so it might squeeze out 1-3 more points of damage. Mostly irrelevant. You vary if you start with 6S or 6H in the corner combo depending on their wakeup-frames. On some characters, ending with 2D xx 2H might not work while 2D xx 2S would. Could vary timing by jumping but you might end up getting it too late, not getting meaty, especially against fast wakeuppers like Venom. If you want to go for a standing reset, 6S is best to use first as a variation on the standing reset is baiting mashed jabs (that would beat cmd throw attempt) by simply jumping, letting them get hit by CH 6H. If you used 6S last the jabs would kill the sword. It's a combination of both, though Millias weight is the worst factor here. Personally I would never go for midscreen oki, but rather do a sideswitch combo if they felt close enough to the corner to my back, or just do a standard wallcarry if not. I would rather sacrifice midscreen oki to get corner pressure instead, even if I have to end with PPP non wallsplat. This of course, is against Millia and other lightweights / weird hurtboxes. Against most characters, full corner carry is usually pretty easy. This might help; every hit of KKK can be delayed either slightly or longer. Delaying hits might help with consistency and/or adjusting their wallsplat height.
  9. Nyaa

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    IIRC you could get 6D from j236C RC in BBCP but removed in CPEX. Glad to have it back.
  10. Yup, KPP isn't used in juggles as the overhead spikes them to the ground now. Ty nerfs.
  11. Some notes about how I currently play Ram, especially as an update to my earlier post. fS > Sildo < DO NOT DO THIS. If it works you're playing against bad players! There's so many ways to counter this, if your opponent knows what he's doing you will eat shit for even trying. To get a viable mixup out of this you have to RRC it, if you YRC it's already too late as it's easy to mash out of. And why even mash when you can throw Ram BEFORE the sildo even starts? Or why bother when you can IB the sildo and throw punish and get more meter while you're at it. KKK is superior corner wallsplat. Since they added forced proration on PPP it's really bad to use in comparison. One of Rams issues is that since her combos have a lot of weak hits her combos would give the opponent a lot of meter and burst relative to her damage output. Since bursting dauro is 100% unbaitable if they burst fast enough, opponent would highly likely get 2x burst first round. Ram is incredibly momentum based so this is BAD. This is where KKK comes in, doing VERY short corner combos with KKK as wallsplat gives pretty much the same damage as doing 2x/3x dustloops into PPP, with the difference being giving the opponent way less meter and burst. Even in the corner, if you hit a 2D > Dauro, going straight into KKK then deploy swords does same damage as fancy hard executing dustloops. Honestly, dustloops seems to only be worth it now if you're midscreen and want the corner carry. Same with PPP, it's only good if the combo is already pretty long or if you need something faster than 5K to avoid having them hit the ground. In corner after a 2S/2H hit on a mixup, following up with 5H > j8D > KKK seems to be most effective relative to giving burst / getting damage. I've pretty much adapted Hohiko's 1-sword playstyle. S-sword is mandatory good, H-sword is fine to deploy. Deployed 5H is a pretty good combo tool since it always combos into Dauro and can make some grounded confirms easier and safer. Even just having H sword out so you can retrieve it in the air to halt momentum is good. Stay vigilant fellow Rams, we ain't getting buffs anytime soon.
  12. Nyaa

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    Reminding everyone linking twitch that you can get timestamped url's. http://www.twitch.tv/sasashima_lejaran/v/26720471?t=18m10s Press the gear at bottom right corner > Copy video url at current time
  13. I think he's referring to the gap between arcade release and console release. Xrd arcade came feburary 2014, console in december, so almost a year. Revelator arcade to console is way tighter.
  14. If you wasn't aware you can also cancel clashes into FD blocking, which is generally safer as FD block doesn't have any startup and cost less meter.
  15. Calvados is neat as an OTG (because it's a lot of hits so doesn't get scaled by proration very much) and you can combo into it from PPP juggle ender (midscreen, corner, whatever)ThrowExploderj8D (if you're fast and j8D is done close enough to the groundIf you have 75 meter and you want to finish a round, do Calvados YRC. The beam will continue even though Ram is free to use her swords at will, and the huge beam makes the following mixup really hard to block. Calvados lasts for a decent while so feel free to go ham, call out swords and put them in a bad corner position. If I know the Calvados itself will kill I usually do Calvados YRC Taunt because I don't give a fuck~ Sildo Detruo have some other uses, in corner you can TK instant-air sildo. It comes out a LOT faster than the grounded version but is way harder to combo from, still something to keep in mind. Sildo itself on block is amazing. Also, in a lot of situations, when you end a air combo with j2D you can cancel the j2D into air sildo so you land faster. I do it every time because there's no reason not to, especially if you have pushed them to the corner after a j8D as cancelling to Sildo might net you a full corner combo. Exceptions are corner dustloops, stick with close-to-ground j8D's. I like to do fS > Sildo sometimes. Huge gap, but that can be closed by doing fS > Sildo YRC into different shenanigans. 2KP into either P or 2D is a "great" mixup as 2KPP gives them 18f to react to the overhead, 2KP > 2D gives them 18f to react to the low. Don't be doing this too much though, there's a huge gap between 2KP and P (equally huge if you do 2D) for them to jab you or something if they know what's going on. 2KPK is a true blockstring however so if you're 100% sure they're going to to try to interrupt, that will do it. I really don't like 2KPK though as it's really unsafe on block and gives you next to nothing on hit. Don't be afraid of doing cassius YRC just to give you a situation you can easily react to. They're in the air? Great, 2S. g1Gilgamesh have HUGE success with that against me and makes me rip my hair out.