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  1. Congrats on NEC

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      Thank you! There were plenty of mistakes, but I managed to pull ahead in the end. I hope for a cleaner finish next time.

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    [UNIEL] Under Night In-Birth Q&A Thread

    You need to think of Vatista's BEAM as an offensive zoning tool or a poke to challenge opponents trying to do things from mid to fullscreen away. It's fast on start-up (14,15f) hits full screen while it's active, and typically negative on block. It's more representative of a poke rather than fireballs which are usually plus on block and allow you to cover multiple sections of the screen as your projectile moves forward. If you are scared of holding a forward charge, throw out a slow fireball to slow them down. Otherwise you just have to be brave and have a feel for your opponent's tendencies. Like Vatista's BEAM, you need to have the mindset of using her DRILLs offensively; however unlike her BEAM, her DRILLs are used primarily for pressure/oki (A DRILL is +2!) rather than in neutral. Vatista's entire jump arc is 43f, or the same amount of time to develop a DRILL charge. In a game with strong AAs, you're going to get blown up hopping around trying to use DRILLs like this. If you are still persistent in doing so, either have a slow fireball or a Crystal in the way to cover yourself. Her EX DRILL has invulnerability, so you can also use that if you plan to bait regular AAs. Meter management is a key skill to have in any modern fighter, and it always depends on the situation.Vatista's meter damage is pretty good; off of a good starter and WITHOUT vorpal, she can get 4.3 k if she finishes with EX FK. Vatista's EX BEAM is a good option for pressure as it's +7, hits full screen, and has 10 hits of projectile durability. I primarily use it for -Dash C>FF>EX BEAM pressure. -Creating an advantage in a fireball war. -Cancelling after a blocked B DRILL to stay safe. I suppose you wouldn't use VO as a defensive option too much since her FK is the best invincible reversal in UNIEL. It still has its benefits however. VO repairs your GRD bar if it's broken, and a successful VO in neutral breaks your opponent's GRD gauge. While VOing your opponent in a combo does not break their GRD gauge, it does strip Vorpal, so keep that in mind. Vorpal and CS are strong tools to have, but you should be wary of your timing. In general, if you're knocked down, CS>FK is the best way to guarantee your FK will hit. If you want pressure, Dash C>FFCS>B DRILL/2C/Assaul/Throw is very strong. Her strongest corner carry combo mid range is 5C>CS>Dash C>FF>EX BEAM>Dash C>5A>JA>JB>JC>rejump>JA>JB>A DRILL>2C>2B>B FK. And finally for damage, FK>CS>VO combo is unfairly strong at 5.8-6.2k. However, the main concern is not WHAT you should be using CS for, but WHEN in the cycle. Using CS consumes your GRD bar, and depending on how many blocks you have, you cannot gain any for a short period afterwards. If you use it mid combo, your GRD gauge cannot increase until your combo is finished. Using CS late in the cycle guarantees your opponent to get it in the next cycle which puts you at a disadvantage. Sometimes it's better to hold off and win the current cycle and use CS early on, so there is still ample time to win the one afterwards.
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    [UNIEL] Under Night In-Birth Q&A Thread

    For Vatista, it's incredibly useful for creating space especially if you're holding your other two buttons for Crystal pressure. The same goes for Carmine's traps, although everyone benefits from their auto combo in some way.
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    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ei21bCMuwQ#t=1m42s Everything great (or bad depending on how you look at it) could be accurately be described with this segment. I'd play this version for an hour then never again.
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    [UNIEL] Important Links and Information

    Didn't see a link in the thread, but does anyone know what the UNIEL JP wiki is?