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    [CF] Arakune Q&A/FAQ Thread

    geez that combo they are making you do looks so weird man...take the challenge mode/practice mode combos with a grain of salt, they sometimes arent what the top tier players are doing. Yeah...I can't see that combo working unless you hold 5c down until you absolutely have to let go to the wheel, because OD will force curse up, at some point you have to let go of c on that 5c...the best thing you can do is hold it until its time for wheel. Maybe the wheel has to be low to the ground? theres a weird double overhead setup with low to the ground wheel I see players do but its always in the corner after jb. challenge modes also usually provide a sample play, I would see what they expect you to do, i know guilty gear shows samples so you can see what completion looks like. but also, dont put too much time practicing this lol, 5c lick during curse is a rare one, I only see it after a guard crush...and that means C bug already happened.
  2. Ok two things are driving me crazy right now. during curse j214a in the corner, how are people deciding or determining which side they are on? regular knock down in the corner during curse, typical follow up is 236b (invis) and while they are blocking b drill bug, you can 66 behind them in the corner, but if they are too far back you can't fit back there, how are arakune players ensuring they have space to do this in the corner? I seem to be having trouble with the training dummy being pushed back particularly after wheel/cd bug ender to a fresh curse. edit: nvm skye answered my questions
  3. GoBL1N

    [CF] Arakune Q&A/FAQ Thread

    5c 236c? are you talking about j236c? I dont think 236c does anything in particular. Im also trying to figure out when you would ever 5c (lick) into wheel? The only way you can delay that bug is by holding down the C button. Your going to have to get used to piano-ing in inputs, and negative edging. Arakune is a strange character all around. Forget everything you know about 2d fighters haha.
  4. GoBL1N

    [CF] Arakune Q&A/FAQ Thread

    pad arakune? man i cant help you there I have a stick and couldn't imagine arakune without one.
  5. Thank man, between you and Mr biscuits you guys are a huge help
  6. GoBL1N

    [CF] Arakune Q&A/FAQ Thread

    I don't think hes broken. He's definitely better, but better doesn't have quite so much meaning since he was really low tier last couple blazblue releases. I think the biggest issue is he can basically full curse from just about any starter...even 5a. In the top 30 rankings there usually 1 arakune on average listed there and he definitely looks beatable in high level japanese play. I think one of the main issues is that the average NA player doesn't want to learn how to deal with him. They would rather just enjoy some kind of unspoken contract where no one plays arakune and so therefore no one needs to learn how to defend against him. They don't know how to handle his crossups or just try to mash out...and get punished for it. If you watch toushinsai, he's quite beatable. Just my 2 cents there. As an arakune player, I guess I'm glad hes not so weak anymore, he used to just get disrespected and destroyed before at higher levels...but I don't like the overall thematic change. I liked it better when curse was harder to get, but was also more rewarding.
  7. Followup for Kezia: @2:53 Breaker dave does the same thing I showed before, with the teleport spider grab. It seems to be the exact same scenario too, a j.a air to air catch. Unlike in the other video where the rachel bursts, dave completes the full combo here. I might be on to something, perhaps this is a good ja starter route.
  8. Thank you. I always thought it was jb[1] during jaabc, I will give more hits a try. Ok so j2d is the reason...its the same reason the jaabc route allows you to keep the opponent in front of you. Why didn't I think of that?
  9. Question about what you said here, are you saying that you can choose whether or not opponent goes over your head? One of the reasons I do the route I do is because I can choose if I want opponent to go behind me or stay on the same side. I was under the impression that with the grounded 6d route they go over your head after the jb before the 6d > bell bug
  10. GoBL1N

    [CF] Arakune Video Database

    Yes I can confirm it works and exactly how tomoyuki does it in the video. I even do it how he does and make it so that opponent doesn't switch sides (if you want to keep going the same direction like he does). Don't worry I understand your pain I'm still trying to stabilize this myself, BUT i can confirm its doable. Yeah, what Davo said, you might not be landing quick enough, the j4c is important, it drops you low, if you don't do that you won't land and recover fast enough to ja before the combo drops.
  11. I was actually under the impression that we NEEDED to know both haha, not that we could choose one or the other. So I was practicing it. Hmmm...well Ive already grinded this other combo a ton, may as well be able to do it just in case. But looks like I need to start putting some time into the bell bug route you are talking about. Did anyone have any ideas about the fake teleport/spider grab route I was thinking of? Did you get to see the two examples from the video I linked?
  12. Yeah It was referring to his really basic 5a starter. 5a > 6b > j6d > iad > jb > j4c > jd > land > jaa > jb > jc > jd > j6b > jCc > jd > j6b > wheel that last j6b before the wheel often whiffs for me. Arakune is too high, or the opponent is too low. Still trying to figure out why. I often try to delay my last j6b to allow arakune to drop lower...it helps but sometimes hes just too high and the training dummy recovers and the combo drops.
  13. According to the quote you follow up 6d with jd: "his other pre-curse confirms is xx, 6B, j. 6D, jump cancel airdash j. B, j. 4C, j.D, 6D delay jump cancel, j. D " But after reading your response perhaps you were referring to the corner, yeah I jd in the corner. You did say j3d as well the second time. Thats what I was referring to. Regarding the teleports, go here and go to 1:03:48, this is what i mean: The rachel player bursts out, so we don't get to see it finish but this is what I'm referring to. If I see any other examples I will get back to you, I've seen this quite a few times not exactly with that starter/scenario, but I have. Agreed about your last statement, using JD and not j3d helps, the pushback from jumping straight up and doing jd is actually a good thing haha because sometimes the opponent went over my head in the corner. While were at it, does anyone know why opponents are getting guard crushed in the corner by invisible arakune just sitting there? I know the C bug crushes, but I don't see arakune doing mixup, he just sits there invisible...Use the same video I linked above and now go to 1:13:35, this is what I mean. I don't get why hes getting crushed, maybe I'm not seeing something because arakune is invisible? Or am I just over analyzing this? Did the Naoto player just...decide not to use barrier even though its pretty expected for a c-bug to bite on wakeup?
  14. Tell me about it, ive been working on this since CF dropped on consoles and its rough trying to stabilize his basic BnB. Also I play rachel and arakune and BOTH of them are now IAD happy with their basic routes...I actually hate it haha. My main issue seems to be at the end, that final j6b > jump canc > jc > jd, my next j6b whiffs because arakune is too high and/or the opponent wasn't launched by the final jd high enough. im about 50/50 with the stability of this part...anyone figure this out? Also does anyone know why sometimes arakune players after one of the jd's they will do one of his fake teleports and do the spider grab route? when and why do they do that? Im having trouble discerning why I'm seeing this and when I should do it. Are you sure its just 6D > JD, I thought JD would be to close it won't be under the bell bug right? Are you sure its not J3d?
  15. GoBL1N

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    can more people be in the DC/Maryland/VA region lobbies? Everyone on the East coast fills the NY lobby