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  1. What do you guys think of the Leo changes?
  2. Zato needs to be nerfed hard. Hes just so dumb
  3. I want a little bit of both. Just buffing everyone is dumb and ridiculous logic. Bullshit is NOT fun. It's only gonna put people off from playing this series.
  4. NO! Horrible way of balancing a game. It will only create more BS. We don't need another Persona.
  5. Excellent news. GG deserves the spot well.
  6. MasterXDrake

    [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    What can you do against Axl sparrow stance?
  7. MasterXDrake

    [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    Thank you
  8. MasterXDrake

    [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    Awesome video. Thanks.
  9. MasterXDrake

    [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    Why am I getting grabbed after I teleport behind an opponent on wakeup? :/
  10. MasterXDrake

    [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks for the tips guys. Edit: I got a couple questions guys. What is a good damaging combo after crosswise heel? What is the purpose of Boodsucking Universe? It seems to me like a throw is better in every way.
  11. MasterXDrake

    ArcSys Voice Acting [This thread has rules now]

    The only one who needs to be changed Is Venom and Ram otherwise this dub cast is fantastic. I love every voice and better directing will only make them better.
  12. Anyone else experience freezing and sometimes the "please wait" screen is just stuck forever?
  13. MasterXDrake

    [Xrd] Slayer Gameplay Discussion

    I dandy step for mixups or to open up them when the opponent is blocking. Sadly before I can execute any of the dandy steps the animation gets interrupted. It's always when Slayer walks back and is just about to do any of the dandy steps.
  14. I finally got some good matches today. Hopefully things will even get better.