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  1. Thanks for your hard work Alex!
  2. AH3/KOFXIII tournies will probably be reliant solely on me/David due to setups. Neither of us are going to take out MB. Pointless arguments. Alex stop starting drama for games you don't play. If you don't want people to treat you like Mizuki stop sounding like him.
  3. Sarsapari

    Burnt Toast III: Socal BB/GG/MB Monthly - Oct 23

    Thanks a lot for doing this Ben and Black Chris! Also thanks a lot Socalllllllllllll ♥
  4. Double ♥♥ Post Didn't forget about you guys! Max for having a girlfriend that hates me Adam for also being hated by Max's girlfriend and Derek for being Norcal AND a BB player but somehow magically cool as hell
  5. Shoutouts to - Norcal Melty (Alex, David, Yuji, AJ, other people) for being GURL♥ Matt for being my favorite loli ♥ James for making everyone look bad David for being tsun tsun tsunderella Brett for being strawberry blonde ♥ Jeff for being old Purry for being a cat Scott for being a scrub Ben for being a pedo Socal Alex for for playing every game I play, you're like a sociable Mizuki that actually plays fighting games Ken for being an aspiring blond Vinnary for making me run away in fear Sammy being an actual girl watches/evil watches for also being a girl Paul for being a fellow music nerd qwerty Alex for not embarassing yourself, also letting me embarass myself on the stream BANG FUCKING CAMARO FOR BEING THE BEST THING TO COME OUT OF BLAZBLUE Brandon's(Brett's) sister♥ The beautiful woman in Brett's house♥ all the other people I can't fit on here because the library is closing!
  6. Sarsapari

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    60 frames for charging, to include hitstop is pretty standard input for charges. So 2 seconds isn't to far off from the truth. Yes Blade you can do j2C JC j2C.
  7. Sarsapari

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

  8. Sarsapari

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    JC is jump cancel jC is jump C
  9. Sarsapari

    [CS1] Tsubaki Yayoi - General Discussion

    Insight on some basic setups would be nice, regardless or style of play some given ideas on how to play the character would be helpful. EG. for Jin-chan ♥ but yeah, something like this with practical examples on setups would be a pretty good section, and commonly what I notice is missing from some character sections
  10. Sarsapari

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    Answer: 1. Look up # of frames for shortest freeze 2. multiply by 0.0167 seconds and also no, 6B is terrible, overhead or not. Q: Will I get to play Kevin in CS this weekend?!
  11. Sarsapari

    [CS1] Tsubaki Yayoi - General Discussion

    Hi moderator! What moves let me see Tsubaki's panties? A penis.
  12. Sarsapari

    [CS1] Jin Gameplay Discussion v2 (No bitching edition)

    jB is so bad now Kevin ; ; how to Jin-chan without learning?
  13. Sarsapari

    [CT] Jin Kisaragi General Discussion

    Could try 3C -> 2B OTG -> 5C That's got quite a bit of range on it and sets up for mixup pretty nicely.
  14. Sarsapari

    [CS1] Jin Gameplay Discussion v2 (No bitching edition)

    Millia H disc fireball :o Wonder if people will get creative with it