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  1. Guilty Gear Rev 2 Thoughts?

    Rev 2 costs $20 as an expansion / new game. It comes with a new story and brings arcade story cinematic to characters that released with out them. PS4 will have both Digital and Physical releases all other platforms are digital only. The Physical copy will also cost $20 (more than likely). Since it's an expansion / new game it will come with 2 new characters and all the characters already released. If you have Rev you don't have to worry about it. I'd say there's a very small chance they'd have some one pay for characters that were on Rev if you didn't have it before. As for release dates Spring is for Arcade and console release will be a little later. As for the cost of the game, if you don't have $20 to buy a game, you have bigger problems in life.
  2. No one online?

    Well it's not much better on PS4. I continually see no one online anywhere near Cali. This means I gotta connect to New York and fight frame drops and lag all day. Sad Times.
  3. XRD Matchup Directory

    Added the Axl vs Raven matchup thread here.
  4. Axl vs Raven

    All things related to the Axl vs Raven match up. After playing against Raven for a long set I can honestly say that Raven is a very hard match up for Axl. If Raven gets off his fireball mixup game it feels like Axl no longer has options to get out of the mixup's and is stuck in the Raven set play. Anyway I'm sure those Axl gods out there have some tips and tech to share.
  5. XrdR Stylish Mode

    I think Stylish mode is a good way for beginners to figure out what types of combos you should be doing with your character, as a general How to Play X. However, if some one really wants to learn the game then they need to learn the game and the mechanics. With mission mode, tutorial, combo, and of training mode with a record feature there is really no reason a 100% new player couldn't learn this game.
  6. [Xrd] Bedman Gameplay Discussion

    Wait are you saying they are getting rid of our Task A oki setup?
  7. The only fighter I play is GGxrd. Actually I might now a bunch of you already. I used to hit up every SF4 tourny at UAT a while back under the name Smoketank.
  8. Hi all I just wanted to say that I finally have access to a car and can finally make it out to our locals. So excited!! Also, if anyone is interested I can host on Fridays preferably during the day ie 12-4 but I can see if I can push this more towards 6-10pm. What to know is I only own a PS4 so if you only have a PS3 stick make sure to bring a PS3. I'm in Mesa just off country club and main. This is an apartment so I can only really host about 4 people. If anyone is interested just send me a PM. Personally I'd love to make this an every Friday thing so everyone can practice.
  9. [Xrd] Bedman Gameplay Discussion

    Yea I've been able to Dash out when against Sol, Millia, Leo, and Slayer today.
  10. [Xrd] Bedman Gameplay Discussion

    I've attempted the dash parry multiple times but it never works. Tho I suspect it works offline or in games where you in 3F lag or less. Most of games are 4F-7F which is why Dash Parry doesn't seem to work. I'll test this in training mode tho. For the FD into 6H. When under pressure if your FD'ing the opponent is slowly getting pushed back. How far they are being pushed is determined by the level of the attack. Once the person is in say 5H range you can use 6H instead. 6H has a small parryish window so when they ground dash back in you will teleport behind them hit them and then can cancel it into Task C. If the opponent doesn't try to dash forward your 6H will leave you in front of them instead but you'll still be able to combo into Task C.
  11. [Xrd] Bedman Gameplay Discussion

    Yea I'm just in the beg stage of working in Tech. So far working on the insane cross up potential of Task A setup's with 6H and such. But I'm def making huge gains. Just from today alone I'm able to break a lot of top tier characters and just solid players in general.
  12. [Xrd] Bedman Gameplay Discussion

    Yea this morning I figured out a few way to get out of crazy corner pressure. Here's what I found so far. Listing this encase this was just luck. 1. FD into 6H. Found that if the opponent tries to go back in from the ground I'll teleport behind them. 2. 2K-2D combo at the right time can lead into an escape. 3. Superjump. It's really not safe but I got out once. Anyway thats what I found so far. That with not going so ham on YRC I can just blitz out. Also on an unrelated note its fun as hell to use the sheep super as a huge shield to move in :P
  13. [Xrd] Bedman Gameplay Discussion

    Just started taking my Bedman online yesterday. So far so good since I'm slowly lvling up. My question is what do I do when I stuck in the corner? Things I've tried. FD-Tho I haven't had much luck doing this since I'm usually low on meter due to YRC'ing. Also when I do have the meter to FD to push them back they generally shove me right back in. 2P - I've tried using 2P in the micro gaps but it just doesn't seem to get me out. I've attempted many other things and it just seems like once I'm in the corner it's GG. Well its GG if the person I'm fighting has corner combo's. Anyway, for people have some get out of corner tech they could share that would be great.
  14. [Xrd] Bedman Gameplay Discussion

    I'm looking to figure out how to do these types of Float cross up's Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EI-XhEJMUY There are a lot of examples in this vid but here's a time stamp of one 3:50 There was vid of a perfect example but I can't seem to find it atm. Essentially just trying to figure out how to jump over some one, stop, then hit diagonal in the direction I just came.
  15. [Xrd] Bedman Gameplay Discussion

    I have a question about Bedman 8-way movement. So now that I have an arcade stick I can finally play Bedman and he is everything I hoped for. Now, for the question. When going into training mode to master his 8-way movement I was doing..note this will get kind of technical. Originally I was hitting 88 in around 600 milliseconds or just over half a second. Then I started doing 88 in 1 full second to 1.2 seconds. The question is just how fast should I be trying to trigger float? I want to make sure I'm being optimal. Also I've been trying to do that cross up float into diagonal with 98(1or3) but I constantly get a straight jump after the cross up. Whats the right way to get that cross up? Is it 99(1 or 3) to go the cross up float?