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  1. Updated to 1.2. Associated resources: http://www.raptoriic.com/downloads/ggaconline https://sites.google.com/site/ggxxaconline/ irc.chatspike.net #reloadonline
  2. +1 from Calgary, "What is this game?" is what he wants to go by. Singles only. I'm up for that. Pretty sure the others would be down for it as well.
  3. Quick correction: Add Kobesama to both singles and teams for Calgary, rounding it out to 3 teams total from us.
  4. Sorry about the late reply. Yes, we have a decent number of people from Calgary who want to play GG. Names are as follows: From Calgary: RaptorIIC, Recna, Yaozzer, Stag.S, Reppuken, SixEightNine, Zante From wherever he lives in BC: Teyah There should be two teams, though I don't know who will be on what team yet.
  5. Teyah's rolling down to Evo with the Calgary group. There should be about 7-8 of us from Calgary entering. Will have a complete list later in the week/month.
  6. I'll start coming and hanging out on IRC, get in some games of #R or Accent Lag online. We're totally hyped for you coming out to Calgary. We'll actually have a place for you to crash this time, so we're 100% up for some games / hanging out / drinks / whatever. Will have recording equipment ready too!
  7. @Teyah In the interest of promoting GGAC online, if you need a high end PC to test it on, let me know. My rig is a i7 920 (4 cores @ 2.6ghz), 2x crossfired 4890s, 6gb of DDR3 (PC3-12800). Fortunately, I'm also a CS graduate now (yay) / IT professional, so I also have some tools for monitoring network usage, packet dropping and other useless things. It's a lot better than you driving 7h to Calgary to kick my ass anyway.
  8. RaptorIIC

    Arcana Heart 2

    AH2 thread @ SRK explains (with videos) all of the slowdown involved with the AH2 PS2 port. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=148299&page=220
  9. RaptorIIC

    How to airdash after the Chemical Love

    No, it should. Just the motion for it is a lot stranger than you'd expect. Also cola, you are my hero for switching to stick. Now you can crush us on the sticks on the machine!
  10. RaptorIIC

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol Combo Thread

    Since I'm at work, I'll use this lazy avatar until I can get home and find better pictures.
  11. RaptorIIC

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol Combo Thread

    Speaking of I-no talk, I dropped her as my main and switched (back) to HOS.
  12. RaptorIIC

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    I am convinced that the person playing that I-no is a small child.
  13. RaptorIIC

    [AC] Video Posting Thread

    New videos from Gamechariot are up. http://gamechariot.com/08movie_GGXXAC.html kaqn (OR) VS Jigoku Ningyou (ZA) kaqn (OR) VS Shadow (ED) kaqn (OR) VS koichi (MI) kaqn (OR) VS koichi (MI) kaqn (OR) VS koichi (IN) kaqn (OR) VS koichi (IN) kaqn (OR) VS Shadow (ED) kaqn (OR) VS Shadow (ED) kaqn (OR) VS Jigoku Ningyou (ZA) kaqn (OR) VS Shadow (ED) kaqn (OR) VS Shadow (ED) 地獄人形 = Jigoku Ningyou
  14. RaptorIIC

    General Audio/Video Help & Request Thread

    Question about recording directly from the Japanese AC Cab: does anyone know which VGA frequency it uses? It's definitely not standard VGA, as it wont output into a caption card or onto any monitor. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. RaptorIIC

    British Columbia Match Vids

    Much thanks for this!