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    [P4AU] Teddie Gameplay Discussion

    That's such a classic Teddie strategy. As mentioned before rolling works but is risky. I'm not sure about Yukari but few characters such as Akihiko and Kanji can also DP during the buckets and be immune to Teddie Circuis (also works againt Barrle)
  2. Beariffic

    [P4AU] Teddie Combo Thread

    To anser the question its either throw or just off of a 5A The combo becomes invalid after the second ja As in ja jb ja (invalid) ja
  3. Beariffic

    [P4AU] Teddie Combo Thread

    Got some minor questions 1. I've always had difficult being able to do the bearscrew/tomahawk side witch (aka you bearscrew one direction and then tomahawk facing the other way). How do you get the Tomahawk out in the opposite direction? Do you input the command in the direction you want it to go in or is it a timing issue? 2. Practing Teddie's corner combos I noticed that if you do his classic 5AB> JC J > JB > JA > 2B string. That if you follow the 2B with ja jb ja dj ja that the combo will go yellow. Is this a timing issue or is it that sequence automatically is recoverable?
  4. Beariffic

    [P4AU] Teddie Gameplay Discussion

    Thought I'd jump into the discussion Overall I like the new Teddie and he still feels very similar to his old incarnation and has more tools lock people down. His new A string is wonderful for hit confirming moves and pushing people around the stage which is a nice trade off though it is really unsafe. Not sure if I can confirm this but did they make it easeir to do a j.a j.b j.a string in the air? I find myself landing that much more in P4AU.