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  1. Unfortunately he was only on for a few minutes
  2. According to this tweet, there's a stream going on. Right now it's only a Hyde in training mode, but he's doing some pretty sick stuff with the new Veil Off. Also Seth vs Hyde theme sounds great! Edit: Gord in training now. More crazy VO stuff.
  3. Exactly how I felt. The players weren't anything special, which was really disappointing. I did get to see the wonders of Chaos' new Air OK Hide, though. Looks sick! I didn't really care for what little of Phonon was shown during the loketest, but this made her look really interesting! She looks fun and pretty strong. Looking forward to trying her out.
  4. Your work is very much appreciated <3
  5. It already finished, right? Did anyone happen to catch it?
  6. Don't even know if this belongs here, but just thought I'd share this since I made it for myself. Naoto's 4 colors in meh quality!
  7. No Chaos? B-but he got buffed! Seriously though, not having someone like Shimazaki repping the new Chaos makes me really sad :C No Eltnum is also a surprise to me.
  8. Rickt

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Oh, did I finally play someone from here? GGs, my friend.
  9. 3rd* reply! (Bacon pls...) PSN: Chaos_is_Cute Timezone: CST Location: Texas Main and Sub: Sho and Akihiko Okay now I'm really going to take a nap so bye...