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  1. the point is is that it caught their attention
  2. and Mela Lee and Cindy Robinson have even endorsed it
  3. I was getting head of myself when I wrote this because I was pretty pissed over Aksys not giving this a dub and how easily preventable this issue was. Anyways, what could have been done so that this issue doesn't happen again
  4. and what incompetence was it with CSEX (when ASW decided to localize it themselves than let Aksys do it) On the subject of localization, ASW is partly at fault here for this issue. Their uber-protectionist policies towards their products has prevented them from actively collaborating with international J-Game publishers like Capcom or Sega or Atlus or Bandai Namco for working on an English dub simultaneously because they fear that they would manhandle them due to Sega's past treatment of Guilty Gear. So they want to do it themselves, but they're woefully incompetent in localizing compared to those companies. I can guarantee had ASW actively collaborated with Aksys and made the dub simultaneously with the JP track then this issue would never have happened. On the subject of a dub though, so it's literally impossible for a dub even though Aksys can crowdfund it via Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
  5. they could always do that Idolmaster vs. Love Live well, GG's sprites were more than a decade old (they came from games that ran on the Dreamcast-based NAOMI hardware), so they had to do something new with it to woo in new audiences.Alternatively, they could do the Skullgirlls method for future BlazBlue sprites by making them literally hand-drawn. The reason why it took forever for a new Street Fighter game between III and IV is because the fighting game scene was in a slump across the 2000's. SNK went OOB, 3D "sidestepper" fighting games oversaturated the scene (thanks to Tekken, Dead or Alive and SoulCalibur), and Sammy vs. Capcom never took off.
  6. holy crap I accurately predicted that Bang would get a Chipp skin, Noel get an Elphelt skin, Naoto get a Sin Skin, and Relius get a Bedman skin
  7. @GunBlazer: so P followup to parry is a punch reminiscent of Jam's GGACR 6H and PP is this to H follow-up to 6H (and PK is a launching kick). For Johnny, his Zweihandler functions exactly like Divine Blade
  8. So, Jam's got a new follow-up to her parry attack (P - Severing Strength, then either P - Blaze/Incineration or K - Rowed Fangs) and Saishinshou overdrive (P - Kaorikuen). What exactly do they do (i.e. what does it look like?)
  9. At least Jam, Johnny and Jack-O' have. Also how come you're sobbing
  10. does anyone know what are the damage modifiers and Guts Ratings for Jam, Jack-O', Johnny and Dizzy?
  11. Anyone know what's the Combo Rate of Hbiki and Naoto