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  1. B.L. Pancho

    [CS1] Simple Q & A Thread

    What's the best way to try and catch/chase air recoveries with Jin?
  2. Heh. When you come to look at it, neither do I really. I never played CT, and just got into it now with Shift. Im a Street Fighter player. I do happen to think that CS is a decent game though Hazama obviously dude. You know I haven't played nearly enough Mu to comp her. Cheese: Hey man you should just put effort in by default. It's pretty fun!
  3. Nuclear Cheddar: Ill get you next time. Keep those eyes open... ;]
  4. B.L. Pancho

    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    So basically 5B+[D], 2B,5C, 6]D[ A Vivace? Depending on Nirvana spacing of course.
  5. B.L. Pancho

    [CS1] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    what are the best pressure strings to use with Carl? Im studying the combos right now but I have no idea how to go about pressuring my opponent.
  6. B.L. Pancho

    [CS] Beginner Mechanics (The more you know!)

    Ok thanks. I will leave the former question open to anyone else who might like to add anything, in case there is anything to add. Conversely, what counters exist for dealing with people who are OSing your blockstrings with the technique you mentioned?
  7. B.L. Pancho

    [CS] Beginner Mechanics (The more you know!)

    Are aerial normal > OS'es prominent in BB? I.E. Whiff aerial normal to protect air space > buffer special. If the opponent happens to jump in the special cancels and you get extra damage, if not you get nothing. If yes, any characters specific examples of the better variations of this technique?
  8. B.L. Pancho

    [CS] Beginner Mechanics (The more you know!)

    I remember there used to be one for 1-frame jumps in GG.....I don't remember what it was though...S+HS when close? or what it character dependant...
  9. B.L. Pancho

    [CS] Beginner Mechanics (The more you know!)

    Can I be directed to a list of Option Selects for this game if any exist? thanks.
  10. kimbo slice!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

  11. B.L. Pancho

    Anji vs. Johnny

    I have this matchup going Anji's way for sure. Anji has better pressure and and technically much easier time landing his damage even though his damage isn't as good as Johnny's. HSfuujin is very good against Johnny as has been mentioned, and obviously can be timed to go through coins eassily (as well as general pokes), if Johnny is using coins predictably just fuujin right through and get your free combo if you have 25% tension. Reversal fuujin's also means he has an easier time escaping pressure, Johnny on the other hand does not, so FB butterfly pressure pretty much beasts him for large periods of time if the Anji can execute the pressure well and has the tension to keep it going (although regular butterfly pressure is still tough for Johnny because he is so shitty on defense anyway). Good blocking, patience and good timing on Hfuujin's should be enough to weed out most Johnny's as well as the general rules of thumb (i.e. save your burst for anytime he lands Level 2 combos). 5.5-4.5 Anji.
  12. B.L. Pancho

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    What he is saying is that, because of the way she's designed the ABA PLAYER needs more time to overcome opposing players strategies, you have to think about the long game with her as opposed to the short game which she cannot do if it's just one game... This especially rings true because this type of situation is one that many players of other fighters recognize in other characters, usually when the character is ultimately good but has to gamble a lot very often to make her mechanic work, characters like this benefit from a long game where the player can bring out an extended mind game so to speak.
  13. B.L. Pancho

    AC: Matchups

    ^You can always play a less random game or a character who is less susceptible to lose to randomness but more likely to win WITH randomness..... Hehehe just kidding...what am I doing here?
  14. B.L. Pancho

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    Eh, I don't hate Slayer too much, my real beef is with Eddie and Testament, who suck balls to fight against even if you play one of those rare non S tier characters who have so called 5-5's with them.
  15. B.L. Pancho

    General Johnny Questions

    Wow thanks four, some good info there. Another thing I wanted to ask relates to MCing in general since I learned it not too long ago. Im trying to limit myself only to pressure strings that leave me at good advantage+good spacing, and since I don't generally want to get to level 3 anymore, being unable to toss a coin at the end of the string to reset the pressure hurts, especially thanks to Johnny's weird dash. Which strings should I generally use and MC at the end? 5k,c.5s,5HS MC isn't doing it for me right now because the spacing is erratic.