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  1. Timing is all wrong for GGXRD news. The entire Ark Systems works team must be hammering away at getting DBFZ ready and do not want to take any of the lime light away from that game. At the absolute earliest I would not hope for any news until the end of Evo Japan
  2. Upgrade patch now available on PSN for AUS/NZ, whoop whoop!!!!
  3. I'm still waiting for the digital upgrade to become available on PSN, can see the full game but not the upgrade. So close but still so far!!!
  4. Excellent FT2 on ranked match!! Thats pretty mush the only thing i really really wanted (except for Maximus to be playable ;-) Well done Ark sys for doubling the fun on ranked!!!
  5. The only thing I would like to see included which I have not yet is the best of 3 in ranked match. I'm not a big fan of SFV but that simple feature give so much joy!
  6. Only thing stopping my upgrade to PS4 is fightstick support. Not interested unless Ark SYS allow the use of PS3 sticks on PS4.