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  1. JinSaotome

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    *facepalm* Capcom already said theres going to only be 4 dlc characters, 2 capcom and 2 marvel. 1 capcom dlc character has already been confirmed (Jill) unless frank west or strider suddenly becomes marvel property they will not both be in the game. Herp.
  2. JinSaotome

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    No, having a redundant character would be silly because it would be a total slot waster where there could be a more innovative character. 2 shotos is MORE than enough for this game because they at least serve 2 different roles. What the hell would Ken bring to the table that Akuma and Ryu can't? Please put some thought into posting before being smug and pretentious. :/
  3. JinSaotome

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Oh man, Arthur's level 3 X Factor + Gold Armor + Scatter Crossbow is the silliest thing if the opponent has no teleports (or is down to their last character) thing does like 10% chip damage, 30% life on hit, and gives you like 25% meter on block and is horribly spammable. Absurd.
  4. JinSaotome

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    So does anyone know the rules behind X-Factor/KFCs? It seems REALLY good but on the other hand I've only seen it once a match, so it seems like it won't really be a game breaker
  5. My poor MAI FANGGU ;_; GGs to everyone yesterday, I had lots of fun. Shout outs to LPT for the most shenanigans White Len vs Aoko matches
  6. ok wow, Umineko is hilarious. We've been playing this game for a couple hours now.
  7. I will main Mei Fang's 214C in AH3 like I did in AH1. Why don't you guys play Battle Fantasia instead, it's already out! >:| Or get in on League of Legends, that game is hype
  8. I think you mean Slash London, sir. :8/:
  9. shit sucks. Happy new year everyone! (PS zepp, colony, and may ship are the only good stage in AC and if you like london I will shit on your dog)
  10. JinSaotome

    Shin FAQ project

    Loving this thread! We recently got into the game in New England, and I have a quick Shin question: I was trying to do 2B c5C BC -> BnB,and while I got it to work, I found that 2B f5C BC would connect more easily. Is there any particular downside to using f5C instead of c5C?
  11. very rough translations, but... Taokaka 絶滅危惧種 Endangered Species (LOL) 現地にいたタオ使いの人は絶望のまなこをしておった… Hopeless 見てる限りでは3C後相手がかなり吹っ飛んで猫1でも追撃行けてなかった 3C tech chase is awful? it'd prolly definitely be better for someone more fluent to translate, but I'll edit with some more Tager ぎゃくしゅうが はじまる BEGIN THE COUNTER ATTACK (hahaha, oh my god) 今までのテイガーより段違いに強くなったっぽい Right now, Tager is AMAZINGLY good. ゆーむらさんが笑いながら割りまくってBドラ決める様はかっこよかったです Yuumura-san was laughing hard at the cabinet while raping dudes? 有名勢も口を揃えて「テイガーカスだろ…」と言うほど People were complaining a whole lot. Something about [Tager kasutaro]? Arakune Can't tell here. Seems like he is confused? Litchi Info is fuzzy (literally), but CH 2C -> Itsuu is back ^^ Bang Still pretty good, from what I understand. (よくわからない) Carl too much, I can't translate x_X Hakumen He seems pretty good? Apparently very annoying for Carl now. Ramuda Gravity nerf is painful. On the other hand, Lots of other good stuff! (lit delicious) Particularly, 6A and the new A Act Parcer someone found some pretty good combos? Tsubaki Some small buffs, some small nerfs... As I thought however, Tsubaki is pretty solid! I can't read the rest. Sorry, my translation from here on is crap. :china: Hazama Definitely weaker since CS. Especially at close range. Something about taking 5000 damage combos? Moo Close range Tsurugi Combos are being found? Makoto no idea here Valkenhayn 2C is hard to use now. Something about heat gain? the increase in wolf transformation time isn't really noticeable. Hima-san was pretty sad (I guess Hima is switching to Valk?) However he seems to be fine. Platinum Pero...(?)
  12. JinSaotome

    BBCS2 Loketest 4: Oct. 23 Discussion (NO COMPLAINING)

    Acccording to loketests 1 and2, Carl, Rachel, and Jin. But Platinum may have been really good (I haven't heard anything short of what her moves do though), and I don't think anyone has commentedon the other characters (short of lolMuisn'tbreathing)
  13. JinSaotome

    BBCS2 Loketest 4: Oct. 23 Discussion (NO COMPLAINING)

    Did you just argue that nerfing a braindead, powerful defensive option...caters to scrubs who can't block? I... That's not... what
  14. JinSaotome

    [CS1] Hazama Gameplay Discusson

    You want to wait a tick before comboing into 623D. You want them to be as high (vertically) as possible before it connects so that when you recover they're higher up in the air (and therefore can't ground tech)
  15. JinSaotome

    New Guilty Gear?

    Oh, really? thats pretty cool then, actually. I don't know Johnny too well, but I recall that being one of our local Johnny's gripes loooong ago. Speaking of, allowing Johnny to end his combos after gettnig a recoin would be nice, so that once you land that first combo with MF2, you can consistently level 2/3 Mist Cancel and keep up the pressure after each combo. That sounds like something that would strengthen his midscreen game (and make his already good corner game better)