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  1. The patch will release on ps3 too right? Because right now it seems like people can't crossplay because only ps4 got it.
  2. Because the store still hasn't updated. I don't know the exact time it updates but it should be up later today along with Raven, Tuner and the rest of the DLC.
  3. So how long until we find out how good/bad the PS3 version is?
  4. I'm surprised Kum has managed to piss off some people the same way every single new female character has done so far. At this point I'm convinced some GG players are afraid of cooties or some shit, honestly I'll never understand how some people get so mad over the new characters being "generic anime archetypes", maybe it's because I'm pretty new to the series and don't have a pair of nostalgia goggles strapped on but when I started playing the first thing I said when I saw GG's cast was "so it's a bunch of old anime cliches with a bunch metal references slapped on? I love it" and so far every single new character is just that. Also @Clamper I find it ironic how you seem to hate Elphelt so much to the point you said you'd prefer Nine to be added to GG (someone that shows more skin than her with plenty of panty shots as an added bonus) despite her Revelator design being a lot more metal than a lot of the old cast.
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    Go to your account settings.
  6. Does that mean Tuner has an in game model as well? Or does she only come out of that suit in cutscenes?
  7. God damn it, if that's the case then I hope Dizzy wins.
  8. The poll isn't over yet, it's just that Order-Sol is currently in the lead but not by much. Regardless there are still some people salty as fuck because he's winning. I just hope that the people voting for him don't get lazy just because he's in the lead.
  9. What are some important must know OS's with El? I already know about her throw OS but I want to know if there are any others I should be implementing into my game.
  10. I never thought I'd see people discussing what makes a character waifu material here Also I was under the impression that to qualify as a waifu a character only needed to meet one requirement:be female.
  11. The only thing HOS and Sin have in common is a different meter they have to manage.
  12. They should just end the voting right now, seriously, seeing how close Dizzy is makes me uncomfortable. In all seriousness though, how the hell did Fanny get so many votes? She beat out 2 vets and a well liked GG2 character.
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    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    If anyone is interested in playing please add me, I'm far from decent and want to get back into it. PSN:Killzone2077
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    When I try to save the changes I made to my signature I get the 406 error again, it only happens when I put an emoticon in it for some reason.
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    I was having the same problem, what I did was delete all the cookies related to dustloop.com and that fixed it.