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    [FB] EXVSFB Side Tournament @ Evo 2015

    Name: Breaker_Prime Region: East Coast Front Suit: DX/Quanta/God Back Suit: Freedom/Luna Role: I prefer the Front role as my Back isn't all that great imho. I don't have any DLC requests. Looking forward to the tournament! Excited to meet the community and play blue bars all day long!
  2. Breaker_Prime

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    Yes thank you very much. I can now safety book my ticket lol. So its gonna be the same ballroom you guys were in last year?
  3. Breaker_Prime

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    Hey I didn't want to make a completely new thread so I'll ask here. Where will EVO be held for Gundam? The same area as the main EVO event or the hotel lobby? I'd hate to buy a ticket to LA and find out it was in California. :P
  4. Breaker_Prime

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    While I'm happy DX got buffed I wish they shortened the animation for the gerobi as well. 4/6B is probably the best melee buff it got so maybe it will go up a few places and out of bottom tier.
  5. Sorry, yes the boost hopping I guess is what it would be called. Is there a suit that can practice this well? Brake canceling I kinda know from using God Gundam and struggling to learn Master Gundam. Do you just tap C a couple of times to be boost efficient? Also how does the boost glitch work? Edit: Ahh I got it! www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzkUzMf-e2g Thanks for making the video Brett. Gotta practice it and conserving HP as the back role.
  6. So I'm having trouble with movement or rather the concept of it. Watching replays it seems that staying close to the ground to gain back the boost meter and not boosting past the orange part of the boost meter is the best way to play neutral or any role. Landing in overheat is something I've been struggling with since the start of my Gundam journey. I've heard of boost hacking or something like that where you fuwa near the ground, gain back full boost, then boost back up to get closer to the enemy. Is there a video that can show me this or an example? Maybe I've been using fuwa wrong? Or misunderstanding what fuwa is exactly. I watched the JP video on fuwa but it didn't really help me too much. I'm the type of person that has to do it himself to actually use/understand something.
  7. Breaker_Prime

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    I'm saying it here first. Quanta is gonna get buffed back to Vanilla in the next patch since FC got his buffs. Masters and Epyon am cry along with every other suit. Happy to see the random Exia buffs. Maybe I'll have a S/A tier 2k I can finally use.
  8. I'm really hyped 5 months in advanced! I'm really looking forward to exploring Cali before coming up for Evo and some Gundam!
  9. Breaker_Prime

    [FB] Online Matchmaking & PSN List

    Breaker_Prime here, I play mostly with a group of people but go to shuffle for some fun and get rekt in Ishmael's room. Was a noob since I didn't play Vanilla and started around March instead of February like most people. Learned a lot since then. Looking forward to playing more games with you guys.