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    [Xrd] King Ky - Combo/Setup Listing and Discussion

    Hi discoprophet, I'd recommend trying to do the Challenge mode with Ky first, just to kinda get the fundamentals down. I'd also recommend doing combos that ends or has 236D in them, since the grinder is a great tool for Ky. If you have a grinder near your opponent, you can use 236H for a possibly the best oki option for Ky and when you use it, hit high or hit low is all I can say after that and when you do that try to lead to another knockdown and hopefully another grinder. If the grinder is not near your opponent, however, then you can still use it to keep your opponent away with either of the ground stun edges, 236S if you want a long range projectile that's very has but lasts shortly or 236H if you want to keep your opponent away from you for a bit as this is shorter, but lasts a lot longer. This anti-air combo, [AA] 6P > c.S > 2HS > HSVT, is a particularly useful one to learn as Ky's 6P is an amazing anti-air and has great priority afaik. This combo, 5K > c.S > 6P > 5HS > 236K > GS > c.S > 2H > j.S > JC > j.S > j.HS > HSVT, is good if you want damage and it costs 50 meter, but personally a combo that summons a grinder is better in the long run imo so this combo, 5K > c.S > 6P > 5HS > 236K > RC > GS > c.S > 236D, is the better use of the 50 meter and it still does pretty good damage. For throw combos, personally I think these are the best ones, Throw > RC > GS > 2HS > HSVT > 2HS > HSVT > c.S > 236D, another one, Throw > RC > GS > 2HS > GS > HSVT > 2HS > HSVT > c.S > 236D, and finally an air combo one, Air Throw > RC > land > c.S > 2HS > GS > HSVT > 2HS > HSVT > c.S > 236D, whichever one you feel more comfortable with, however these can be only done in the corner. I wouldn't recommend doing the 5D combos or the Instant-Kill combos, because those rarely lands and if you screw the Instant-Kill combo then you have no use of meter for the rest of the round. I also don't like using Overdrives, supers, in Guilty Gear Xrd, unless it's used to end the round and you know you can finish off your opponent with it. The reason why I say this is because Roman Cancels are sooo useful in this game, Yellow Roman Cancels can be used to make unsafe moves safe, Regular (Red) Roman Cancels can make combos that are normally impossible possible, Purple Roman Cancel can make a move safer as well, but Yellow ones are better than Purple ones. So Overdrives in this game don't really serve a great purpose other than to finish off your opponent, but you might want to learn combos that leads to these Overdrives after you learn the essential ones, because they definitely can help achieve victory in some scenarios. Don't take all my words for all of these, since I'm kinda new myself, so it would be greatly appreciated if someone more experienced can fix or add onto my post. Btw welcome to Guilty Gear, hope you love the game as much as I do. It's a hard game at first, but with enough time added onto it, it'll feel like second nature to you and Ky isn't a hard character to learn, he just needs some practice like everyone does. Hope you stay, also it always helps to find a local community around your area that plays this game on a daily or weekly basis as they can give you tips on how to improve your neutral game or know which combo is best for which scenario.