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  1. having to time meaties does not make oki unreliable lmao
  2. it's the same system, it's just netplay ranked competition is on a waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy lower level than a god damn japanese arcade
  3. johnny can still mix up with low and TK finer, which and can confirm with meter either way. Watched a dude lab it at anime suite and it seemed legit.
  4. you can unlock colors and system voices via fishing.
  5. I just realized we're gonna lose english bedman RIP my dude english bedman, the toppest of tiers
  6. Who do you think is doing things "correctly?" Game design concerns aside, Capcom charged 60 dollars for a cast full of incomplete characters, zero single player content worth speaking of, unstable netcode, 8 frames of lag and missing basic features (ignoring the slew of missing PC options, lmao that only player can pick if you retry or go to character select, and that lobbies don't show country flags) and they haven't even acknowledged a lot of it is a problem. They charged money for a season pass that at this rate could possibly end up being free content. They are completely silent for entire months instead of doing anything to keep interest alive. WB released a busted, unplayable PC port and quickly dropped it. Those are the only three major FG releases in recent memory, Revelator is the only one being release in a technically complete and competent state, and they arcsys have a history of quickly responding to and patching up Xrds technical issues. The playerbase is also very, very used to subs, and most people in the first place don't mind subs to the point that they'll think of it as "ugh now i can't watch the story"
  7. would you rather they be capcom and have complete radio silence until the last 3 to 5 days before they pass their self scheduled deadline It could be that so few people use the dub that it's financially wasteful. I've never even seen it be used for longer than one game before everyone's like "okay lets switch it to japanese."
  8. johnny already fills that void
  9. Venom's dub is unplayable
  10. people were doomsaying this same shit back when sign came out
  11. Every character has holes in their pressure strings and instead of going for a mash or jump out attempt you catch a fafnir or carcass raid on purpose
  12. japan is gonna be learning new matchups too, your character is the same + charge blitz and burst super, tekken 7 hasn't even started console development yet, why would you want your game on an outdated revision those are my posts thanks for reading
  13. It's a cooldown based ability, like you'd see in mmos or dota
  14. Dark angel can be low profiled
  15. gender was a mistake edit:like just cuz a woman isn't also a "manly bad ass" doesn't make her pandering waifu horseshit. Guilty's real good about that. May, I-no, Jack-o and Jam are good characters with interesting designs that mesh well with their characters. Elphelt pushes it with the incongruous boob window, but she doesn't approach anything near Blazblue's characters that are literally designed to appeal to different types of anime fans.