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  1. epikku attaku

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    pledged $100. can only hope this works out.
  2. epikku attaku

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    I have a weird habit that I occasionally push BC by accident since i always cover them with middle/ring fingers.
  3. epikku attaku

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    after learning stick for 2 weeks I came to the conclusion, that I dont know if anyone here addressed. Stick seems more fun. it's like if you think of it like other genres. play ddr for example, yes you can get as good or better with controller, but playing with a dance pad is probably more fun. play driving games, get a wheel and it's more fun, even if you are a controller master, and play better on it. fighting games aren't as big of a difference, but I still find it more fun moving my whole wrist/forearm, as opposed to just using my thumbs. it feels more natural to push more than one button at once, compared to the shortcuts most people probably use on a pad. I'm still better with controller currently
  4. epikku attaku

    [LM] Arcana Heart 3 Q&A Thread

    i cheated to beat scharl, set it to 1 round, and you won't have to deal with the 2nd round boss syndrome. i'm guessing no1 wants to bother porting 6stars, because of lack of interests. examu's never published any of them, and just made arcade games. arcsys did the other ah3 games. marvelous did nitro+ it's sad, since i liked examu games best, but it is what it is.
  5. epikku attaku

    [LM] Online Matchmaking

    if any1 wants to add me psn: txrdriftrchimu Also play xrd, bbcp, p4u ofcourse, but will play ah3lm over them anyday.
  6. epikku attaku

    [UNIEL] News & Gameplay Discussion

    So how is this game's mechanics like? what are some unique mechanics? Does it play much like melty blood, or most aksys fighters. where theres opportunities to do high damage with scaling, burst attacks, air dashes, etc? 3 or 4 button regular attack layout.
  7. epikku attaku

    [LM] Arcana Heart 3 Q&A Thread

    finally got to the point i can try to learn some combos I see in videos. problem is that I can't ever seem to get timing for those homing cancels during certain attacks, and followups after using arcana extend. seems like it must be something to do with timing.