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  1. epikku attaku

    Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    something I'm curious about. does anyone find counter assaults useful in this game at all? it seems way more effective to just banishing guard and counter with normals 90% of the time. rather than sacrifice meter to reset to neutral.
  2. epikku attaku

    Coming From Street Fighter to GGXXAC+R

    theres a lot of videos on YouTube covering this topic. theres a lot to cover. combos, mixups, blockstrings, jump options rc use, etc
  3. epikku attaku

    Melty Blood

    it seems opponents can tech recover really fast after launchers, before air combos start in this game, with some exceptions. maybe I'm doing something wrong, or this game just plays really different from a typical air dasher
  4. epikku attaku

    Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    question regarding manaka. in some match vids, it seems she can do short hops while doing ja. It seems like I can just do one jump level, and there's no short hop in her movelist, unless I"m missing something
  5. epikku attaku

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    pledged $100. can only hope this works out.
  6. epikku attaku

    Chaos Code

    i didnt know if it was just a version with netplay, or rebalance with different moves, strings, etc. Hard to find too much info on less popular games like this too only fooled around with lupinus
  7. epikku attaku

    Chaos Code

    how many differences are there between NSOC and original, in terms of combos, moves, etc. should old guides work?
  8. epikku attaku

    Arcana Heart 4 - Confirmed in the Works

    not sure how crowdfunding works. i thought there would be a donate button. but dont see that. it could be that prefundia is faulty
  9. epikku attaku

    Anyone up for online?

    probably should post your psn, steam, and system you play on
  10. epikku attaku

    The "Help Using a Joystick" Thread

    I have a weird habit that I occasionally push BC by accident since i always cover them with middle/ring fingers.
  11. epikku attaku

    charged characters

    just a random update after playing around with some characters/games. it seems a lot easier to pull off moves in combos with May, Axl(rev), Saki(AH3LM) than with Ignis for some reason. maybe ignis is just especially hard to get the timing right. I decided to try to learn Saki as my 1st pure charged character.
  12. epikku attaku

    Million Arthur: Arcana Blood

    it looks more doujin like than examu to me. square is typically not known for fighters. 5 characters is extremely small. this looks like it might be fun though.
  13. epikku attaku

    charged characters

    I found a trick that seems to work a little better, and not sure if thats right. instead of forcing the stick right away, i simply let go for a split second, then input 6 or 8 direction. it seems a bit more consistent it always surprises me how some players seem to pull off moves so quick. if i just old 4 or 1, it seems obvious I'll do a move if someone has knowledge. plus airdashers play way too fast to be played like sf games where you can walk back and then throw sonic booms. so far, the only charged character I really like character wise is ignis, so she might be the only one I learn. though i kind of like Anna and Saki, it's overwhelming with so many games/characters to play. I still rarely seem to use her charge 4, 6 x move, and rarely seem to use it in combos. just end up throwing other things.
  14. epikku attaku

    charged characters

    are there any general hints. I cannot play them worth shit, and must be doing something wrong. I learned ignis in Nitroplus Blasterz because she has both normal and charged moves, but can never use her charged move in combos. and 1/2 the time it doesnt come out. possibly since i havent charged long enough, but i know some people throw out specials easily. I'm thinking of learning Anna as well because she also uses charged, and normals. I have not attempted charged characters in any other game. I fooled with ah3lm Saki in training mode, and can do some combos, but hold the direction for too long. tried Mitsuru a little back in P4U days, but gave up.
  15. epikku attaku

    Arcana Heart 4 - Confirmed in the Works

    fiona with no homing=hell. tbh asking arcana fans if they want to lose the homing feature is like asking sf fans if they want their game to play like an air dasher, and change their aesthetics. while I may actually play it if it did, current fans would probably get mad. Now if you take any game, ie blazblue, and say it's hard for beginners to use rapid cancels in combos, what should we do? abolish it. that would turn away almost every current fan if not all. ah3lm would of been a lot more newbie friendly if it had a tutorial mode, a lot of players just tried it but have no idea what the mechanics are, and it takes forever to figure out or a lot of online reading. I've seen too many players use sf tactics online, and not even touch the homing button, and quit after 1 game to be never seen again. Maybe they can do something like make fiona's critical do some damage if it misses, but do max damage if it hits the exact timing, instead of all or nothing. that way the critical heart can be still useful without the god timing. Akane's is completely useless, without mad button mashing skills.