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  1. So I reposted the lol bad guy stuff. Only took me four years.

  2. Zerite

    Arcade Stick vs Controller

    The accuracy is in the player there, not the buttons. You're comparing a more precise instrument to a less precise one, and basically arguing that the average player will benefit from having less precision rather than more because they are bad.
  3. Zerite

    [AC] Video Discussion Thread

    Mitsurugi's Zappa is unbelievable.
  4. Zerite

    [AC] Video Discussion Thread

    And it's more that the japanese use nico, and that's where the good vids come from.
  5. Zerite

    Easy characters to use in GG?

    If you guys really think that the hardest part of this game is 412 motions and frcs then there is something wrong.
  6. Zerite

    Need ways to be annoying with Zappa.

    I like to win matches using his forcebreak. It's pretty awesome. I beat Sol's overdrive (not dragon install, the other one) the other day, and it was pretty epic. Also, as far doing annoying things, I think the best is to just outpoke people with zappa. j.s on the sword is amazing, and for the ghosts you have 5s which staggers on counter hit. With all of them you can throw out random 2p,2k,5p,5k and when appropriate 6p. You do this by running up to your opponent, fd breaking outside of throw range and then pausing just long enough for your opponent to realize you aren't doing anything. Then you throw out one of these pokes and bam: flustered opponent. I'm especially fond of stuffing projectile attacks with 5p. Also with the ghosts you can do the air ghost explosion mixup. After an opponent has been knocked down, run up next to them, and then right as they are standing up jump over them and press H right as you jump over them. Since they are quickly being crossed up, it's almost impossible to reversal super punch this, and the explosions have frame advantage, so it's safe on block. If they start blocking this, then do as above, but follow it up either a second air ghost or 2H or you could airdash over them for a double cross-up exploding either one or two more ghosts (really fast crossup). You can also just jump straight up and do explosion, or empty jump into a throw. All of these things end in knockdown, so you can just do this over and over until they block it, in which case your still safe and you can just do frc ghost tosses. Don't start by trying the fancy mixups right out the gate, as most of the time your opponents just stay blocking in the same direction, and so don't actually switch blocking directions. Save that for when you've knocked them down 2-3 times in a row off the basic cross-up and follow it up with something fancy. Repeat till no one will play with you :'<
  7. Zerite

    [AC] Video Discussion Thread

    Does anyone have a link to the recent acho ranbat vids? Those were awesome, but they already took them down.
  8. Zerite

    Accent Core : Zappa

    So I stopped keeping up with this, nub style. What should I change in the opening post?
  9. Zerite

    [AC] Video Discussion Thread

    MOUCHI <3
  10. I agree with watches. If you're looking into learning to play one of them well and are sort of new I'd recommend Testament over Millia. Millia demands that you as a player have fast, reliable execution and reaction speed and mix your opponent up. Testament just requires that you have reliable execution and can get a read on your opponent. I don't understand why people consider frc's very difficult. I've found that you can reliably do them as long as you figure out what point in the animation of the move the frc is. Zappa's ghost frc is right as his hand first reaches above his head, just before he would his hand in that position. Baiken's air mat frc is right before her foot would hit the mat. Ky's charge stun edge is just as the white orb he summons would turn into the projectile (it took me a while to realize that he summons an orb that turns into charge stun edge). Sol's is right as he sticks his sword in the ground. I found all these just by trying to do them and when I started hitting them in training mode, I would look for the point in the animation just before the frc cancelled the rest of the animation. It's actually pretty easy to hit a point in the animation instead of just having to match the blue flashes (I didn't know that the blue flashes meant anything at first. They aren't that helpful for me).
  11. Zerite

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    You know what happens when you get knocked down and you're playing Zappa? Neither do I.
  12. Zerite

    Guilty Gear XX AC tutorial videos!

    Hey did you know that that conversation is already resolved? there is no point in flaming anyway. Please at least be constructive.
  13. Zerite

    [GGAC] Baiken Guide: Read this first!

    Yeah, I think I told him to learn a combo off of throw, anti air, and her bnb.
  14. Zerite

    [GGAC] Baiken Guide: Read this first!

    This is a pretty cool forum. I have a friend who is just learning to play. He glanced at this guide and felt it was really complex. Do you think it's too complex for a newbie, or should anyone who wants to step up their game be able to use it?
  15. Zerite

    Wouldn't it be epic...?

    Yeah, maybe they won't close this one because of the lulz and nostalgia. qq on the animated concept. I'm happy with the story just being in the game.