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  1. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Yeah,Yeah good. Tell me when you wanna meet up then. I'm really to excited to show you what I've been cooking up in the lab since last tsb. Some real anti-tech in here. Anti-DivineShadow tech. So anytime that's good with you is good with me.
  2. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Accustomed dear friend dear pal. I want to give you a exclusive look at Kanji 4.0 before the rest of the world. I think you'll really like what you see. In fact I guarantee it. So tell me when we can have a little bout because I'm dying to show it to ya. Also um if you just so happened to still have that replay where my chair broke through your rage unblockable setup would you mind showing me. I really would like to study it again for future purposes. It just became very relevant again. Thanks!
  3. DivineShadow777

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    One of the most important things I see people forgetting to do with there practice and training time is not utilizing it. What I mean by that is that I know alot of people who in a match are to afraid or forget to utilize there new mixup or tech in games because they simply forgot it in the heat of a match or they were hungry for the win and used something more reliable to secure it. Push past all of that and never forget to use what you just found in the training room in the battlefield to cement it into your play.
  4. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Ggs to ty! One of these days I'll think of an impossible instant kill setup just for you. Also don't forget about the promise between you and your dad.Also ggs to you scrub and guy-sensei. Both of you have exhausted my reserve energy core I save for fighting rise. P.S. Dooby give me a set. I lost my red card and I haven't fought any yukiko's all year so I think this is a good time. I need to start compiling anti-tech for all characters and yukiko is one of the few I don't have any for so pretty please? Just message me back when you want to kill me.
  5. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    So I'm gone for two weeks.I'm focusing on school and grades and what-not, play some other things like drakenguard 3 and SMT DDS and I come back and the first match I play as my main man kanji the other guy won't stop hopping. Literately. He hops on wake up the entire match and gets 5a'ed to death. I'm gone for just TWO WEEKS and this is what happens ToastBillClinton?! Well I guess I get back to restoring order around here. Lets have some good games everyone. Anyone wanna fight a rusty old kanji hit me up! P.S. Radoric. Stop It. I see the game your playing. Don't make this worse then it already is.
  6. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Ehehe. I'm sorry about that one but as I quickly found out, you can't post messages even when a match is in session and you back out so I couldn't. Plus the story isn't what you think it was. Sadly instead of RELIUSXHAZAMA slash fiction it was actually a little story about how Hazama got kagutsuchi burned down in an hour(with a relius x carl bonding subplot). So yeah be happy not to be dissapointed. Anygrab ggs to you too and ggs that one yu who actually respected my kanji pressure. That almost never happens. Gonna need to have a real set against somebody one of these days to test something out so if anyone want's to be stuck with a netplay kanji for a FT10 hit me up... (Please...)
  7. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    This man. Sagacious.
  8. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Oh no that set was hilarious for me since while we were playing for the first time in all my 3000+ matches of p4u I thought to myself. I should backdash to bait dp. I've begun incorporating it into Kanji 3.0 he should be done soon. Hopefully I should be done by 7th. Thank you so much Senpai!
  9. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Against both of you?! I might be able to handle stevie wonder but I'm not so sure about you kami-sama? My new tech is still rough.
  10. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    ... ... I don't remember this. I really don't. Damn you kids make me feel old sometimes. I swear when you get to my age you can't even remember your social security number! uh I guess your good then because I don't remember that! I swear either your messing with me or your remembering it being way more of a deal then I did. Don't be too hard on yourself, trust me you didn't "flip out" on me. ( I still feel like your messing with me). But, I understand where you're coming from. Netplay sucks, losing sucks and sometimes life sucks so ya say things you don't mean every now and again. It's cool and awesome you can recognize it. Put's you above most adults in my generation to be honest with you. Apology for the event I'm still questioning happened accepted?!? Anyway back to the topic at hand. Somebody please play me. Preferably somebody who can tell me what the hell a "fuzzy roll" is I swear this crap pisses me off when I learn fuzzy dp and then suddenly BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Until then I'll be naoto hunting..... heh I'm hungry for a 7-3 matchup. Never thought that one would happen.
  11. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Well damn. I just got back from a tirade of playing Dragon Age: Origins so looks like we just missed each other. I wanted to play a naoto around my skill level and your adachi was the closest thing. If anyone else wants to train with me give me a heads up 'k. I wanna have this tech LK ready by the 7th before my curse kicks in again.
  12. DivineShadow777

    Persona 4 Arena Q&A Thread

    Set your burst to L3 and be over with it. Sometimes when you try to press A+b+c+d you might be getting only some of those because pad's aren't perfect. As I said macro that shit and be over with it. Learn to love macros because I did I can definitely say they made me at least 3% better. It free'd me up to do more advance tech and helped me react to grabs faster by setting it to R3. And if you playing on stick.... god help you sir I have nothing to say.
  13. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Oh hey Gaspless I was wondering if we could... play a little sometime. I need to try out some NEW tech. So yeah let's play? Don't worry I'll "find you".
  14. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Nah we were just joking to scare some people of an incoming Magret Apocalypse flooding psn. Or at least I was. I mean I was half-joking. Margret is tempting but I like kanji as a character and I probably couldn't play her anyway. I've spent to much time developing my 3 diffrent kanji's to just switch anyway. I got love for kanji that will persist past the multiple auto bans from people. And the messages telling me I only win because I play kanji or I'll never win because I play kanji. Cuz I like Kanji he a pretty cute pretty cool dude. Also. I'll be honest I only really find it a bit insulting when it's taken to extremes (Naoto). Any other time it's whatever. Although for some reason hearing ONE MORE after a round is over irks me?
  15. DivineShadow777

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Oh you're here great! Fight me now. Serious though. I've never fought you before and I don't know why.