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  1. Great! We just need Erika Wagner, Kaguya Seikaiguu, and Uzuki, maybe Radiata and Reflecta too. Zenith would be interesting as a user of throwing knives, but would probably be best for Under Night 2 with the really major players/antagonists: Adelheit and Kuon.
  2. With the news that Rev2 will have updated combo challenges to go with the new balance changes, I plan on doing a guide for Jam's trials if they are different from the ones in Revelator. Much thanks to those who provided feedback. I really appreciate the kind words and gratitude; it makes me feel like my small contributions are worthwhile. I'm really surprised that this thread got over 1,000 views. I was only expecting about 30 or so, if I may be frank. Again, thank you all.
  3. was down for a while. I wonder if it was a DDOS attack? I just tried them again and was able to access the site and the SS page. You should be able to sign up now.
  4. Just wondering, and strictly speaking hypothetically here, but if they wanted to keep the roster for the next game/installment manageable and really had to cut returning characters from being playable, what would you guys be willing to put up with not making it in? I mean that as in you may see them in the story or mentioned/alluded to but not playable. And you can be willing to at least tolerate that. I know really big rosters may be fun for most but are also a technical nightmare to keep balanced. There's a good chance some characters would end up becoming unviable for competition. It's happened before in other fighting games. That's also a lot of matchups to have to learn. Just a thought experiment, something that crossed my mind, nothing more. You can also mention currently playable characters in Revelator/Rev 2 if you don't think they may be playable in the next installment for some reason. My guesses in this dept. would be Bedman, Jam (my main, BTW), and Jack-O'. I'd probably go with characters that are dead in the story or had their story resolved in a previous game (again, just ones I would be willing to put up with if it really had to be done): Kliff, A.B.A, Holy Order Sol, and Zappa, off of the top of my head. It's not that I don't like those characters, I really do, but I can understand if they end up not included. Same goes for Bridget--popular meme character, but I wonder who would end up seriously playing him for more than five minutes every now and then? I'm kinda split on him. In the grand scheme of the story, he is only a bit character, so I can see him being possibly cut (unless ASW caves into fans swearing up and down that they'll play him seriously--Phoenix Wright, anyone?). I'm also split on Robo-Ky--fun, but I can take him or leave him. Returning characters I see absolutely making it in are Testament (important to the overarching plot), Anji (Outrage piece user), and Justice/**** (obviously). I'd be really surprised if any of them end up cut. As a bonus, what previously unplayable characters mentioned in the story do you think could be playable in the future, aside from "That Man", as new characters? Spin off games and side media count too as long as it's Guilty Gear universe related. My idea would be maybe one of the following: Tyr, Mizuha, Solaria, Leopaldon, Crow, Nekomata, Izuna, Geena, or Judgment. Fanny is just a female version of Faust, so she's out, and I imagine that Dr. Paradigm likely wouldn't be a choice unless he takes Jack-O's place. Gabriel is probably out too, unless they change Pot's victory animation for this matchup. Discuss, but please keep it civil. These are just ideas and "what-ifs".
  5. I'm totally with you on that; that is the optimal way for a plus version. But until companies understand that as a consumer-friendly way to do things, we're either gonna have to put up with what we're getting or just let it all go. I'm willing to give Examu the benefit of the doubt this time and say that they probably have their reasons for going this route. For their sake, and the fans, I just hope the crowdfunding campaign is a success. If the Rev 2 thing goes well for ASW, and I don't see why not, I hope Examu will take heed and consider designing their future games to be extensible/modular for faster, easier, lower-cost updates. It's good business sense to spend a little more upfront to give your product some degree of future-proofing, particularly in a genre like this where later updates are almost guaranteed. I'm planning to support them on this. I'd feel a little guilty relying on a cracked arcade port to play the latest version otherwise. I'm really curious to see what stretch goals and backer levels they propose. Worst case scenario is the campaign doesn't raise the required funds and the idea gets cancelled. If that happens, I'm not out any money in the end; I'm just left disappointed. A lot to gain and not much to lose from my POV. I would get over that small loss and hope they do better with Arcana Heart 4. In fact, I still hope they do better with 4 for the reason I mentioned in the first paragraph. Maybe they'll consider tacking on Daemon Bride as a backer level/stretch goal? /wishful thinking Update: Finally. Word is getting out on Anime News Network, Gematsu, and Siliconera.
  6. I might as well mention it here too. Six Stars crowdfunding project, talked about here:
  7. Examu is looking to port Six Stars to PC from being an arcade exclusive! Examu PR's Twitter: Team Arcana's Official Web Site announcement: The crowdfunder's web page: If the crowdfunder does well, Examu may even add extra characters and content. From the crowdfunder page: "About The Localization and Porting There have been English versions of the Arcana Heart series before, but even after its release 2 years ago, the latest one, “SSS” [Six Stars], is still only available in Japanese arcades. Just as we were starting to worry that this version would not be seeing a consumer retail version, we started receiving a lot of support from abroad on Twitter and so started looking into the possibility of a retail version. Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!!! will be ported to PC, and will be accessible to all the fans in global gaming community. Message to Our Fans Please give us the opportunity to bring the latest Arcana Heart 3 into PC. If we can get enough funding together, we are also prepared to consider the development of new characters and bringing together stories from the earlier titles to make a collected edition follow up." [emphasis mine] Looks like the AH3LM Discord already knows.
  8. Sure. As soon as you land, do the command dash into an immediate H puffball. Then, when the puffball vanishes, immediately do the 2H (you can't do anything while a puffball is active on the screen). If you have trouble with the timing, hold down after doing the puffball and do 2H when you see Jam start to crouch to get a feel for the timing. You can also tap the H button a couple of times while holding down to find the right spot as well. The important thing is not to hesitate after landing from the Roman Cancel. After the 2H hits twice, immediately do 546 to go into parry stance and don't hold forward; you then tap P twice to do the finisher. If you are having trouble, practice it a few times before attempting the combo again. You can also watch the video for the combo, linked above, for the input timings. Hope this helps.
  9. I want to offer help to those who are stuck on Jam's advanced combo trials. I will list out the parts that may be trouble and what to do to get past them. I even include videos of me doing the combos for visual learners. I try to keep the execution as clean as possible, but I'm certainly no desk, so please forgive any sloppiness that may occur. Questions and corrections are welcome. Advanced 1 D~6 > 9 > jH > jH > jH > jH > c5S > 5H > 2H > 2D > 546~PP -The jHs should be inputted very quickly; stop when the combo counter is at 5 if you mash it. That should give you enough time to land and continue the rest of the combo. Advanced 2 j2D > rrc > 66 > c5S > 6P > c5S > 5H > 2H > 2D > 22K/S/H -Do the Roman Cancel as soon as the dive kick connects. If she starts the bicycle kick, you were too slow. -The forward dash after should be as short as possible to keep the combo going. Advanced 3 2S > 2H > 2D > 236K > rrc > 236S~H > 2H > 546~PP -Immediately start Jam's command dash into H puffball upon landing from the Roman Cancel. -You can't do the 2H until the puffball completely disappears from the screen. Advanced 4 236K > 632146H > 5P > c5S > jc > jD > 236K > 623K > 214K -The punch after super puffball has to be done within a tiny window. You can mash P a couple of times to find the window and continue the combo just fine. Advanced 5 S+H (max hold) > 22S > 6K (1) > 2H > 2D > 236S~K > 214K -If Sol flies back rather than crumples, you didn't hold the Blitz Charge long enough. Start charging a card just after the charge hits to cancel some of the recovery into the power up. -Linking the 6K can be tricky due to the small window. Practice getting a feel for the timing for when the card power up motion ends and Jam is back in neutral. -If Hamonkyaku doesn't come out, you input it a little too fast. Advanced 6 j66 > 623K > c5S > jc > jS > jP > jS > jc > jS > jH > 236K > 623K > 214K -To get the Kenroukaku to not move upward, you have to input it immediately after the air dash to change its property. If it goes up like normal, you didn't do it fast enough. Advanced 7 j66 > 214K > 2H (1) > 236S~K > 236K > 214K (whiff) > 5S > 2H (2) > 236236H~P -Like with advanced 6, you need to do 214K immediately after the air dash to change it's property and keep it in place. If it goes up like normal, you didn't do it fast enough. -If Hamonkyaku doesn't come out, you did it a little too fast. -The Gekirin followup can connect and the game gives credit for it, but the combo will be over right there if that happens. -If cS doesn't hit, you didn't do the previous moves fast enough. You have to knock Sol up high so you can slightly delay the S after landing. Advanced 8 [Counter] jD (2nd hit) > 44 > 236S~H > 6H > 236K > 214K > 236S~S > 632146S -Airdash the jD, but make sure only the 2nd kick connects. If both connect, you won't get the needed wall bounce. Make sure Sol is kicked in the face to get the best possible wall bounce. -As soon as the kick hits, start the backdash. Then start Bakushuu into a slightly delayed Senri puffball. You need to make sure the dash and puffball get you close enough for the 6H. You can't do the 6H until the puffball disappears, BTW. If Sol lands on top of the blue puffball, you should be good here. -Be careful when transitioning from the 6H into Ryuujin so that you don't do Kenroukaku instead. Either quickly do the input for 6H and return to neutral for a few frames before doing 236K or you can also do 41236K from holding forward. -Ryuujin and lv3 Gekirin have to be done fast to knock Sol up far enough for the next part. Just slightly delay the 214K follow-up to give Sol the needed altitude (so not too fast here). Just before you land, you have to input 236S to immediately go into her command dash and puffball. You can't do the finisher until the puffball disappears and the window to link the super is pretty tight. Advanced 9 6H (throw) > rrc > 22S > 2S > 5K > 2H (1) > 546~PK > 66 > 2H (1) > 214K > c5S > 2H (1) > 546~PP -If Sol doesn't end up in the right spot, the kick follow-up after the parry may not come out on time. It can be rather finicky. And don't hold 6 when you parry into the punch or you will get 6P instead. -The 66 after the first parry is a microdash into 2H. -After the 214K, let Sol fall in front of Jam's face before doing c5S. This is a tight link. If you don't get it right, Sol will be too far for the 2nd parry attacks. Advanced 10 [Counter] 6H > 236S~H > 6H > 546~PK > S+H (Blitz Shield Charge) > 66 > jD > 214K > 623K > 236K > 2P > c5S > 632146D -This combo is a culmination of 8 and 9, with very tight links and a seemingly random feel to the first part due to things needing to be (almost) frame perfect throughout the combo. Get ready for a rough ride here. -The dash into puffball into 6H is tricky to get consistently, so practice this until you get the feel of it and Sol is on top of the puffball. Don't forget that the second 6H won't happen until the puffball disappears from the screen. Keeping him in the right position, i.e. high enough, also helps make sure the parry kick (Dowanga) comes out and knocks Sol up. -Hold the Blitz Charge very briefly to just barely get the charge attack. This needs to be done the instant you recover from Dowanga or Sol will tech out. -The 66 after the Blitz Charge is a microdash. Hold 9 immediately after to jump and do jD. Beware of traveling up too high to deliver the kicks or Gekirin will come out super fast and you fall right to the floor for some reason. -The kick specials need to be delayed to prevent Jam from crossing Sol up. Do them at the end of the previous attack, but don't wait too long or Jam will fall to the floor. These are kinda tight here. The first one (Gekirin) should be during the second kick on the jD. The 2nd (Kenroukaku) should be delayed where Jam has finished the axe kick and she's falling to the floor; if done right, Jam will climb back up with her kicks and attack Sol. The last one (Ryuujin) should be done when the Kenroukaku is finishing its last kicks and looks like a big blue orb. Jam will drop slightly and automatically do the dragon kick without crossing up Sol, keeping him in the corner. -Slight delay before inputting 2P so that Sol lands on the punch as low to the ground as possible, then do c5S and immediately go into the finisher. Another very tight sequence here. -Start the motion for the Burst Overdrive when doing the c5S, i.e. 6S32146D to help it chain. You only have a tiny window of untech time to pull this off, so be fast. I highly encourage others to make guides for the other character combo challenges. Shoutouts: Numakie for providing a tip I missed for Advanced 8 and streaming his run through Jam's trials.
  10. Great. Thanks!
  11. It says the invite has expired.
  12. Is there a Discord server for Phantom Breaker: Extra? I would be interested in joining.
  13. The parallels to Ragna here are strong. I'd like to see the look on Tsubaki's face when that's pointed out to her after she said she thinks of Ragna as pure evil.
  14. Is there a complete list of the results anywhere? I want to see where my favorites ranked.
  15. Ugh. Sucks to be broke right now...