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  1. That would be cool. Now I'm curious to see how 2cave would play.
  2. 2cave or not 2cave? That is the question.
  3. It looks interesting, and I'd like to play as Kawase, but I dunno... Some of what that guy said makes me hesitant and raise an eyebrow.
  4. Not going to quote all of that, but it looks to me like Baiken is meant to be a defense-oriented character, right? Even without bringing back Force Breaks, they could have managed to fold her debuffs back into her moves. I wonder what their reasons for not doing that were.
  5. I just came here after seeing that. It's a really good advertisement and I hope lots of people see it (not just Guilty Gear players) This may be a dumb question, but does anyone actually use the handicap feature? I've never seen it get any use in any fighting game that has it.
  6. Also, if you have Revelator + DLC for it, and buy the standalone version of Rev 2, it looks like you have to buy your DLC for Rev 2 all over again. It didn't say "Purchased" in the PSN Store for any of Rev 2's DLC that Rev 1 had when I logged in, so it looks like no cross-buy there.
  7. She's one of the characters I really wanted to see so I'm excited to try her out. Her DP move looks like it also hits behind her; looks strong.
  8. Pity that the U.S. standalone version won't have the mini OST. I would have bought the game just for that.
  9. Can anyone please translate what she is saying about the cast? About all I could pick up on was her calling Raven "a pervert" or "the pervert", and referring to herself in a rather masculine fashion. I don't remember the meaning of the other words I recognized.
  10. I just don't want to assume anything until there is an official announcement, no matter how high the odds may seem. I like to be cautious yet optimistic with these kinds of things. I keep thinking of Dengeki Bunko and its Ignition version that never came over here for some reason, as well as Phantom Breaker: Extra. I know those were different cases, but they taught me not to get my hopes up too much.
  11. Sweet! I want to know how she plays. The only thing better now would be a localization announcement from Aksys.
  12. That's really sad. My condolences to the family. Now we know why there has been no news about the Kickstarter for Six Stars. It's possible that the whole thing has been cancelled. I wonder what that also means for Arcana Heart 4; is it being cancelled? Hopefully, Examu will make an announcement as to what is going to happen to these two projects now that the writer/creator has died.
  13. The more info we can archive for this game, the better. You never know if anyone will pick up this game (again) in the future. Keep it coming!
  14. Glad I can help out. I helped out another Canadian on SRK and wanted to make sure everyone has direct links to the demo, adding Mexico for good measure. I'm pretty sure that's all the storefronts in NA. Wouldn't that cause trouble if they bring back Force Breaks though? I dunno, maybe the H button would be a better choice for carded kick specials? Being able to choose when to use a card over the normal specials would be a nice QoL improvement.
  15. For those having trouble finding it in the Canada store:!/en-ca/games/guilty-gear-xrd-rev-2-demo/cid=UP1024-CUSA07837_00-GGXRDREV2USPSPLS