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  1. Who the hell is Nate anyway? And what does subscribing to him have to do with anything? Seriously I don't care anymore.

  2. Nate said that anyone who subscribes to him is instantly a cool person, and that if you subscribed to him the world would end. I'm not sure why it didn't already end since I'm way bigger of a jackass than you but oh well.

  3. What's this about? I mean besides the matches with Dacidbro? FYI I still don't have MVC3.

  4. Hey Blade, could you do me a huge favour and subscribe to natearistata on Youtube? Even if it's just for a second or whatever. Thanks.

  5. Shinkada

    [CS2] Iron Tager Video Thread

    Wow, thanks a lot for that Silius. So 6A does reduce your hitbox, at least as far as the arms go. Just never noticed it before 'cus you couldn't hold it in place. That's pretty neat. Also cool because it shifts his hitbox back just as far as most characters' regular range, that'll be fun for oki shenanigans, especially if what was said earlier about it only taking 2500 damage is true.
  6. Shinkada

    [CSE] Video Discussion Mk.II

    Nah, I meant Litchi actually has to use all her tricks now too.
  7. Shinkada

    [CS2] Iron Tager Video Thread

    Yeah I fucked up the link, my bad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJFk7HVwPBU#t=4m28s But it doesn't matter because Lumination handily pointed out that Houtenjin whiffed. Which is weird, I'm damn sure that would've been a hit in CS1. Tager's supposedly smaller hitbox maybe? And yeah, Makoto's 2A makes me sad.
  8. Shinkada

    [CSE] Video Discussion Mk.II

    Well shit, it did too... That doesn't look like a stretch for Houtenjin's range though. Maybe they ended up making Tager's hitbox smaller after all? I think someone claimed they'd done that in one of the loctests.
  9. Shinkada

    [CS2] Iron Tager Video Thread

    I like Tager now. Hell, I liked him before, but I like him even more now. Yeah, he's gimmicky as hell, and nothing he has is safe, but he's got so many gimmicks that if you use good mind games you can still do well. Not every character has to be all recyclable safe blockstrings and low risk high reward spacing. http://www.youtube.com/user/jourdal#...HVwPBU#t=4m28s Confirmation on 6A's godlike status. JAYOKU NOPETENJIN
  10. Shinkada

    [CSE] Video Discussion Mk.II

    http://www.youtube.com/user/jourdal#p/u/1/AJFk7HVwPBU#t=4m28s We mustn't be watchin' the same vid. 6A's his way through Houtenjin, gets a combo off it. EDIT: Re Bang, I don't think his game will suddenly revolve around getting FRKZ, I think it just revolves around actually /using his tools/ now (also see: Litchi). Bumpers seem more important to him now than anything else (especially since even FRKZ-happy Master often used bumpers to help get seals in the first place), and in previous vids there's been some really good use of poison nails against characters with medium to low offense ability.
  11. Shinkada

    [CSE] Video Discussion Mk.II

    The latest Tachikawa vids (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbcapumOwDs)... Goddamn. That FRKZ-happy Bang was awesome. Makoto's 2A beating everything from tech rolls to FRKZ was not awesome. The Tagers were amazing too. 6A BEATS HOUTENJIN, MY MIND IS BLOWN. Great play from Akira too, except for that awful Gold Burst in the last round against Makoto.
  12. Shinkada

    [CS1] μ-12 Combo Thread (Updated 10.30.10)

    There's tons of things I want to reply to so I'll try to be short with each of them. Ve: No j.2C > dash > 2B in the 7.2k. Dash 6A is easy, dash 6B is easy, j.2C 2B is easy. I guess it's the dash I'm having trouble with. Silfer, thanks a ton. I'm not sure if it'll help but thanks for trying. I will try disecting it more, and using 2B CH will be a good place to start. I'm using the 360 pad right now, I usually use d-pads for fighters happily but it turns out the 360's pad sucks ass for half-circles so I need to use the analog. I love the look of the new pad but it's overpriced to shit. And I got 632B146C on my absolute first try, and could pull it off 100% within about 10-15 minutes. Apparently something about j.2C 66~2B just hates me. Cor, that might help, thanks, I'll give it a try. Zero, Challenge 10, I'm going through the challenges before I go off on my own to find bnbs I like. One of the earlier challenges had this link but I think I got away on a fluke. That or the earlier part of the combo was easy enough to get more ideal positioning on the j.2C. Solar, I've been trying to do the 2B the INSTANT the dash begins, I haven't even been waiting for the dash because every time I do the 2B is too late (in fact it's usually late even when I don't wait for the dash). And yeah, I'm sorry for shooting down your attempts to help, but I was pissed off, in pain, and needed to vent. Also lol 90% humidity. And the whole gb2tager thing hit a nerve, the debate about whether fighting games are about strategy and reflexes or huge combos and setups is a really soft spot for me, so I apologize. TD, don't have to apologize, you're being damn nicer than I'd expect anyone to be to me here. I dunno about your craz-uh, interesting daydream idea, but thank you regardless. :b New day, wrist not in pain. Time to nail this fucker. EDIT: Okay yeah it's fucking easy with the d-pad. God damnit. If only that new controller wasn't $100 here. :/ EDIT2: Okay so here's what was happening. 633B, or 63B. That's why the dash was so rarely coming out at all. I have to focus really hard on making sure the second 6 is, well, a 6. I can see why you all said it's so easy, 63B is just a really easy mistake to make on an analog and not easy to make on a d-pad, probably not on a stick either. Combined with being new with both analogs and with mid-combo dashing with a non-step-dasher, yeah, bad, bad combination. My pad also seems to be more sensitive to up/down than it is left/right, I've noticed this before with how easy it is to accidently jump during half circles. Might try adjusting the axis ratio thingy. I guess that's what I get for practicing in Challenge mode instead of Training mode. Lesson learned. Anyway thanks everyone for your help, sorry for complaining/raging/etc, and maybe you could add this to list of possible causes for screwing it up in the FAQ.
  13. Shinkada

    [CS1] μ-12 Combo Thread (Updated 10.30.10)

    Halcyone, the importance of this link is the only reason I didn't stop bothering. If it was just some link to up stupid damage to really-stupid damage I'd have said fuck it and settled for stupid, but this isn't just some silly loop, it's an integral link to Mu's entire game. I don't want to wait for Arc to change it because we've no idea when CS2 is coming out. Ve, I don't know what your definition of 'we' is. As I said before, I never came across a combo in Guilty Gear that gave me this much trouble. And that's from learning the bnbs for Slayer, Order Sol, Johnny, Testament, and Zappa. And to everyone saying 'practice more'... For the millionth time, I've been at it for /two hours straight/, at least ten times longer than ANY other combo in Mu's ENTIRE arsenal. But hey, I am obviously doing something wrong, probably in timing when I start buffering the dash since the most common occurance is no dash at all. I don't know how that's possible because, no Halcyone, as I already said, I've been throwing the timing back and forth, and it's just been going between no dash, no 2B, or a late 2B. For me to be at it this long and still not get it the window must be about half as wide as Mu's other combos, and judging from the FAQ, I'm not the only person this link has tripped up. Oh and the reason I'm here instead of practicing? As I already said since you're all insistant on not reading my posts, physical pain from straining to do the dashes as fast as physically possible for 2 hours. Yeah.
  14. Shinkada

    [CS1] μ-12 Combo Thread (Updated 10.30.10)

    Okay, okay, point taken, but you've got to admit that "do it at the right time" is sort of useless obviousness, you can say the same for every single other combo in the game. I've breezed through every other combo but this SINGLE link trips me up for hours on end, with no progress in sight? It takes 10+ attempts just for the 2B to come out at all, and then it's too late every time. I speed it up and it doesn't come out. Slow it down, too late. And over, and over, and over, and over again. Definitely something wrong here. If I didn't already know any better I'd claim it was uncomboable.