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    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    Sol's matchup cause me a lot trouble. How can i do properly safe jumps/j.K?
  2. Slide87

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    Hi! At the beginning, I would like to apologize for my language, I'm still learning English. I am a newbie I -no. Previously, I played in the Guilty Gear Slash Baiken. I'm starting to learn to play I -no, and encounter some problems. Firstly, i can't do airdash after hoverdash (6[6]9[6]). When I push 6 [6] I-No starts doing dash, but when I press 9 she jumps and nothing more I can do, despite pressing [6]. (I play on the pad) Secondly, my musical notes are easily circumvented by opponents. Are there any guaranteed setups, for it to lock my opponent? Thirdly, I have a very big problem in the middle screen, because I have the impression that each character has a higher priority than the I -no. What is best to attack, so as not to run the risk of serious damage from the enemy? What are the best pokes for I-no? Thank you in advance for your help!!!