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  1. spycho

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Potemkin is not the case (or with any other cast of this game), taking note that Pot can almost punish any shit that you throw at him for 100+ damage With normal blockstring, he can just IB, IB, IB Pot Buster Trust me, I usually play with a good Pot every now and then
  2. spycho

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Critique Thread

    so what I need to work on is: -spam more f.S -get my movement more fluent -learn how to actually block and punish stuff Is there anything else I need to consider? thanks in advance
  3. spycho

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Critique Thread

    before watching these 2 clips, I have something to tell you guys first - Mute the sound if you like, they're mostly in my native language - Sorry for the potato quality, we dont have any right tool for recording - The IK mode in the second was me mis-push the button, it was suppose to be a YRC - I know I have a lot of problems with my neutral/defense, so any tips about those 2 would be really nice https://youtu.be/sX6kJneGavs?t=33s https://youtu.be/VqKhVFyp_QE?t=41s
  4. thanks guys 1 more question, what aspect of Hazama should I practice 1st? Combo, Pressure, Block String, Movement, Drive Usage?
  5. Hi guys, I have a few question (mainly in CSE ver. since I dont own a console, just a crappy laptop) 1. what is Hazama neutral game? like how he can approach, score a knockdown and then deal damage? 2. Does he rely on frame trap? 3. what can beat reversal Jayoku Houtenjin and what not? 4. I saw in the wiki that he has both zoning and rush down play style, so which one is best or is it depend on match-up? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks man I've been struggled a lot with Hazama (especially with Noel match-up) Oh, and how's the CSEX Hazama's Combo thread is the curse of this subforum? I still dont quite get it
  7. Guys, I'm kind of new to Hazama (recently got BBCSE in PC, so why not give it a try), and I have quite a hard time playing him since his normal's range are so short anw what type of strategy should I use with Hazama, how to use his Drive properly and how to deal with Noel spamming Chain Revoler (his mid screen potential is kind of bad, I think) and some BnB combo for him, maybe thanks in advance