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  1. What the man below me said, though I know that long before you see this you will stumble into the IRC, so this was pretty pointless.

  2. WHATS UP!!! LONG TIME NO SEE!!! Anyways just to give you and everyone else a heads up, I'm returning to the community after alot of crap with my hand almost completely healed through rehab and hopfully getting my PS3 fixed sometime this week!! Hope to see you and everyone else ingame soon!!

  3. Your page looks so unloved. I shall give your page some love. *love* There you go. Your page probably feels much better now.

  4. It's been a while. You should return sometime, if only to let off some steam by yelling at/banning people.

  5. Andy, come back! ;~;

  6. Andy, I know you barely know me, but I just wanna say I'm becoming one of the few proud Nu's who likes to rush in!

  7. Where did you go. #_# I want to try my Haku against you again! I know you were just getting used to stick last time.

  8. Hey Andy, want to play some matches again sometime this weekend? Maybe tonight.

  9. ....xD random comment but. Umineko ftw~ :3

  10. I know you hate us Andy, but we still love you <3.

  11. Hey andy, you never go in the chat anymore. We've pretty much been having matches every night, even breakfast came back. Why not drop in every now and then and play (now that people actually play).