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  1. This is bad info. ^^^ If you're getting a superjump k you're mashing k instead of negative edging it. You can't negative edge into a normal. If you're getting it "too high" you're not inputting it correctly because a TK HCL after 5K doesn't combo. The most likely reason for this is that you're holding the k button down too long. It is literally only a fraction of a second negative edge. You don't have to do it nearly as fast as people think. Especially if you're on stick. I had to actually learn to slow things down when compared to on pad. Also, 2S > 632146K makes absolutely no sense to do. Do it a 632S146K (though because of habit doing it on a full 360 is so much easier) Lastly for manual jump installs like 2S, 2H, 2D, that you don't hoverdash into I find 5P>8>cS to be the easiest method of jump install. No. 5K either cancels into HCL or it doesn't combo. There is no height to time. ____________________________________________________________________ ...and once you get it! http://www.dustloop.com/forums/group.php?do=discuss&discussionid=22
  2. bucklemyshoe

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHPyCq2NWPc&feature=sub aki-tan or akitou maybe?
  3. bucklemyshoe

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    someone tell me why he played millia in sbo again? 2nd round vs the sol player was sick!
  4. bucklemyshoe

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    I'm loving the format for the videos. good stuff mynus
  5. bucklemyshoe

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    Ha, I wish I would have seen this earlier. How late do you think the gathering on friday will go? I have to be to work at 12.45 which means I'll be off no later than 9 and plus 2 hours driving. Think it will be cracking at 11 still or everyone will be dead and heading home?
  6. bucklemyshoe

    [#R-AC] PC Good Games Thread

    Imagine the worst I-No you can picture. That is what my I-No is like in it. Doesn't help that I-No sucks in #R It's kind of sad really. Those who have played against me can tell you. I do some tricky stuff but most of the time it's just my computer lagging making me screw up and drop everything. I imagine it's kind of odd on the other end when someone pulls off a jump installed 5k hcl dash one second but can't even move forward the next. lol Anyway, I'll probably sign on in a lil bit.
  7. bucklemyshoe

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    Sick stuff. I wish norcal would hold a gathering on a week day so I could actually make it.
  8. bucklemyshoe

    [#R-AC] PC Good Games Thread

    GG Vanguard. Your I-No impressed me. GG to everyone else who tolerates my extremely laggy connection
  9. bucklemyshoe

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    He resembles Yossan a little too with the jP spam. That's why it seems like he's just trying to clone other players. It could be KO1, I mean he did pull off a few things that aren't exactly easy.
  10. bucklemyshoe

    Arcana Heart 3 - Out Now, Best Fighter Ever

    Cant wait to play Fiona, Petra, and Heart. Probably not going to take this game seriously, so it's okay to not have a single main. Would have never stopped playing in the first place if the PS2 port wasn't garbage. Is there any NEW promo vids?
  11. bucklemyshoe

    [AC] Video Discussion Thread

  12. bucklemyshoe

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    Is that 金小人 or こたろー perhaps? Seems a little too sloppy to be KO1
  13. bucklemyshoe

    [AC] Video Discussion Thread

    seriously, if you're not going to include the player names your channel is a complete waste of time. it's already confusing as it is.
  14. bucklemyshoe

    Guilty Gear Videos on YouTube

    Woshige is really on the same status as koichi. I always watch his matches.
  15. I like color #2 & 5. let me know when these go on sale.