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  1. 1. Don't think so. Once the opponent is in the correct state (i.e. not block sun, whiff recovery, blitz etc.) It should should be possible, though difficult given the 1F nature of throws. 2. Back at neutral.
  2. You could always pick up GG AC for cheap on Steam and try out Dizzy.
  3. I'm a Pot player so no expert in IAD, but hitting 9 and then 6 as quick as you can should be all you need. The 9 acts as a forward input, allowing you to press 6 once after. So just 96 is all you need.
  4. I mean between the US version and the Japanese (PS3&4) version. There is a difference - the US version uses number exclusively so I was wondering what the equivalents were to the Japanese ranks.
  5. The first 2 sets between Daru and Ogawa were not recorded as far as I know, but you can catch the last one in part one. I can't find the grand finals anywhere (would love to see it), but they were exclusively on Japanese TV apparently.
  6. Can anyone tel me the difference in the Ranking systems in the US and in Japan for Xrd Revelator on Playstation? On the US system I see some people rank 36, but the Japanese system they seem to be a lower number (or a symbol). Thanks.
  7. That's what it implies. It could easily be a typo, but the meaning of the sentence as you read is exactly that. I'd be amazed if multiple new characters were free though.
  8. Very disappointing. Their coverage of Xrd has been very poor, bordering on the suspicious. Didn't they refuse to mention MajinObama's exhibitions in Mikado? Don't know how true this is, bu tit would be pretty sweet.
  9. People are crazy keen to get this game. Me too. 'tis great to see!
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/Guiltygear/comments/4mvjlo/for_those_of_you_picking_up_your_copy_of/ I don'tknow how true it is, but a local store manager has said Ganestop stores country-wide won't have the game until Friday. EDIT: Unrelated, but I also found a Gabriel avatar on the psn store lol --> https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/games/addons/guilty-gear-xrd-revelator-lobby-avatar-gabriel/cid=UP1024-NPUB31806_00-GGXRDDAT00005003
  11. Actually, does anyone know when it will available for download? Is it midnight EST June 7th? Just confused because I read the store updates at 5pm, so not sure if they're connected or not..
  12. Not up for PS3 yet...you got me all excited there....ㅜㅜ
  13. You can download them for free for the first couple of weeks after release. I think, but not 100% sure, you can download them without having the game (I did this with Elphelt last year for Sign). This for a NA account btw. I don't know about NZ.
  14. Hey man, instead of moaning at us (how many posts have you made in the past 3pages!?), how about getting on to ASW or Aksys? The lack of dubs is a bummer for those who use it, but maybe if people show enough support, they could introduce it in future.
  15. Oh ffs. Guess I'm going to have to avoid all GG related interwebs until I get the game.