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  1. Alright I can't find out how to do screenshots on my Ps3 but my trail was ... PS button Playstation Network Playstation Store I scroll down to "Add-ons" and press right Select "popular" Filter for last 30 days It's right under Call of Duty, DC Universe, Rocksmith.
  2. To get the DLC I had to go to playstation store from the PSN Menu, not from the in-game store menu. Then go to add-ons and then go to recent addons and scrolled back for Revelator. I got Kum and Raven and the eclipse color set.
  3. Is the a good way to set up audio settings so that I can hear people's mics without using a headset? When I'm on a mic I'm red lining and most people say they can't hear me and the only way I can hear most people is when I'm using a headset. I dunno if there is a way to increase the audio for voice chat. It's a little frustrating when I'm trying to talk to people.
  4. I'm on NA PS3 disc and I got the prompt when I booted it up.
  5. I'm on NA PS3 disc and I got the prompt when I booted it up.
  6. I got the playstation 3 version the other day and the store is empty. I can't get any of the free DLC. Why is that?
  7. Yakifufu

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    GGs to m1x4h for the long set. Playing against good venoms is always an uphill battle. That other dude was nice, but it's too bad his lag went from ok to godawful.
  8. Hey man, GGs the other day. Glad we got in a long set.

    My wife's at a conference so if you wanna play again this week - or in Revelator as soon as Amazon ships it to me, I'm totally down.

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    2. Yakifufu


      So pick a day and a time and I'm up for it. I'm supposed to get relevator soon as well. I have it preordered and waiting for my call so I can pick it up at gamestop.

    3. AznSpyderman


      Cool. Amazon fucked me up so I will be getting it tomorrow instead of today like I was supposed to - But def.

      Tomorrow night, I'm busy unfortunately. I had made time to play tonight. That said, Sign tonight? 6PM you is like my 9, so I can play with you then. We have a great connect for being across the country.

    4. Yakifufu


      Sounds good. I'll message you as soon as I get online.


  9. Yakifufu

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    sent request
  10. Yakifufu

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    I can critique and practice against you to help you improve. What's your psn?
  11. Yakifufu

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    The servers are dead in general most of the time outside of Japan. Most of us west coast players have just accepted it and moved onto New England 1a where we at least have a chance of getting some games in. Making rooms in 9b and waiting around for hours gets old. Same with player matches.
  12. Yakifufu

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    What your responses to him? "Get good" would have been appropriate
  13. Yakifufu

    [Xrd] Axl Combo Science Thread

    I have a feeling that ones with delays and wiffs and specific would work better as gifs along with the inputs. If you have a video of a combo and would like a gif of it I can easily and gladly make one for it.
  14. Yakifufu

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    I've had success giving people tips. Although I've been kicked from rooms for giving advice to the person playing against the host like telling an Axl some of the post-patch changes after he said he was rusty and was having trouble.