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    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Has anyone made legitimate use of Air Bandit Revolver YRC's ability to halt Sol's momentum? It seems like it should be useful, but since j.P's hitbox only tags crouching opponents when it feels like it (and can't hit Faust at all) you have to be high enough up to do j.S, which is substantially less sneaky. The fact that I've never seen anyone use it is probably telling, but it seems like there is at least potential off of some JC'able normals or close ground pressure. If nothing else you could use it as a feint to go for another low/throw setup I guess. For those that aren't familiar, if you do Air Bandit Revolver (TK'd or out of a regular jump) and then immediately YRC it causes Sol to lose all upward momentum and start dropping to the ground again. I find it's not too difficult if you input it as 2369 j.KSH or 8236 j.KSH, you may have to input the K every so slightly before S and H though.
  2. Sol Arcana

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    I suppose I was trying to think of low risk/inexpensive throw invincible attacks like Order Sol's 6K. Having said that, I should probably work on being able to just run up outside of throw range to really sell the bait. My early attempts at that weren't especially effective and I guess I haven't revisited it since then.
  3. Sol Arcana

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    Speaking of that set, I've been wondering something. Machaboo often got away with just running up on FAB's wake up and doing a point blank meaty button, even though he was in range to be thrown. I've seen situations like that pop up a fair bit in JP footage and I usually only see a select few players (Nage's the only one I can think of at the moment) use a throw OS to deal with it. Sol doesn't have anything throw invincible as far as I know so are these players just afraid of Sol jumping to bait the throw attempt out? I'm pretty sure 6P/HS from Pot would shut down both the point blank meaty and a jump attempt, although the game's strict reversal window would make it difficult.
  4. Sol Arcana

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    So, I was working on a corner combo that could consistently get at a range where Sol's out of regular throw range but in range for command grab and I think I've got a decent one going. 5K > 6P > 5HS (JC) > j.D, falling j.D > Fafnir > (walk forward) 6P > (asap) c.S > (asap) Bandit Revolver > (neutral jump whatever) It loses damage (does about 180 on full health Sol) but it's pretty easy, and it gives you enough time to jump immediately and make empty 2K meaty or wait a bit and make j.S a safe jump. The only trick I've noticed so far is that if when you go for the post neutral jump setups (empty 2K, air dash, etc.) you might need to do a really short run instead of walking before the second 6P or take a step forward/backwards after Bandit Revolver. I've tested it on Faust, Sol, Ky, Ram, Sin, and Pot so far and it seems to work well, though I think Pot requires both a short run at the second 6P and a quick step back after Bandit Revolver to get the out of his normal throw range spot. Haven't bothered with Ino, Millia, or May since I'm pretty sure no form of j.D, falling j.D > Fafnir works on them. Any thoughts? I'm trying to get it to be as simple as possible but with so many different weight classes/body sizes/wake up speeds it's pretty tough to find a version that doesn't require at least a little case by case fine tuning.
  5. Sol Arcana

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    So you mean walk into position (backwards), GF (YRC), then neutral jump right VR? Because I was trying to do it in the exact order I was reading it in which would probably explain a lot. I'll have to try replacing my the old safe jump with this neutral jump idea later. Can't say I've seen many players use it though, guess it's harder to properly set up in match. Also, if you want to set up online matches Kam, you'd probably be better off going to the online play sub forum.
  6. Sol Arcana

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy 101/Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Faust's 236236S super allows you to YRC right at the start too. Think it even lets you do it after it's hitbox is active. I was poking around through the match up threads and noticed a lot of 6P, (delay) 5H, BR enders in to neutral jump YRC GF. When I started messing around with it I haven't really found that it's any better than doing plain old safe jumps though, so I'm probably doing something wrong. Can someone elaborate on that one for me? Or even better, does Sol have any combos that just end with him at a safe enough distance to both get a full combo and be out of throw range for proper mix ups? Because when I attempt to mix up off of the standard safe jump I usually just get get thrown out of of my empty jump low/throw attempts or 6P'd out of my delayed air dashes (unless it's Faust, then its just 4H'd). I'll gladly take reduced damage in exchange for a safer and more versatile wake up game.