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  1. Good news, you don't have to play as her. That's the beauty of a fighting game.
  2. The PS+ colors seemed to be available for a long time or did they announce it free for everyone later on? I remember when it first came out I got it with a PS+ 14 day trial and it expired so I lost the colors but it let me download it again for free weeks/month later and I still have the colors even now and don't have PS+
  3. PS4 vs PS4 also lag on the same laggy netplay stages.
  4. SFV is a new game, Rev is an update on a new disc. Also SFV is on PC.
  5. Not sure why people would want it PS4 only anyway, get it on PS4 then if you want superior visuals, a PS3 version won't hurt the PS4. As if finding people on netplay with decent connections is bad enough, cutting that in half or more if Rev is PS4 only would suck(not everyone has a local scene to play people offline with) It will look pretty much like how Xrd looked on PS3, 720p and somewhat blurry but still perfectly playable. Arcade hardware is pretty much a PS3 with more RAM and Xrd/Rev on the Arcade are both 720p but don't get hit with the visual downgrade that the PS3 version of Xrd gets to keep it a smooth 60 fps.
  6. Revelator on Jonio's twitch right now
  7. The/a announcement will be at the Revelator reveal on Monday
  8. Nah I think it's not complete or they just simplified the list to keep them short, Elphelt is missing her pineberry toss 2p, only shows the throw 4p
  9. Dosu

    Monitor Discussion Thread

    Yep the PS3 version is a fuzzfest. Backgrounds look good though.
  10. I only use 3 fingers on GG except for activating ik on a rare occasion and pretty much every other fighting game(also never use more than 6 buttons)
  11. http://www.twitch.tv/godsgarden Something seems to be starting Edit: Or not
  12. Yeah it must just be me not waiting long enough or I'm touching the stick right before firing to take me out of Powered mode, just seems in SG loop vids they do it faster than me while as soon as I see the aura around her it doesn't come out powered.