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  1. BBCF 2.0 changes discussion

    Rachels wind on wake up was huge for her
  2. Ky vs. Haehyun

    J.D and Kum loses
  3. [Xrd] King Ky - Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Hey Thanks!
  4. [Xrd] King Ky - Q&A/FAQ Thread

    Hello wanted to ask about a certain tech that involves using Big Stun Edge but taking a big (dash) step before doing it. Its used after DP knock downs to get better frames. howww do u do it. plus u can get more corner carry with that Dash into DP during greed sever combos WHAT IS THE TECH AGHHHHHHHHHHHH
  5. [BBCF] Azrael General Discussion Thread

    Azrael can't just rely on cross up anything all the time. good players will put their DP input on the other side, block it or mash their fastest button to interrupt the mix up. Not gonna lie I do get a very rewarding situation in which i managed to cross up (5A, 5B) mid screen TWO TIMES. I feel players are just allowing for the scary cross up to happen then hopefully get out some way instead of trying to prevent it in "fast paced" offensive situations for azrael. Also cross up mix ups with Forward Dash can go from safe to unsafe. Like the first post said sure you can get +1 or 2 from a blocked 5BB but will that guarantee the cross up dash after is going to work? Could still lose to a Fast 5A or 2A. Like Jins. But when you do it after a knockdown and time it right...then you are safe each time but it has to be timed right "especially" when they Emergency tech. It has to be an emergency tech and if not then your Cross up Dash Mix up is never guaranteed to work. (Obviously unless DP is inputted on the other side as a counter)
  6. Good Ky blockstrings?

    Start block strings with 2Ps, 2K or 6HS, and 6ks come in between people almost never react to start up of 6k during a string because its always hidden
  7. Ky vs. Johnny

    Update for Rev 2 Johnny is still a top tier and now has an evolved meta as the game progressed and forced all Johnny players to find damage other than Bacchus set up. You are very likely to lose once Johnny corners you because his pressure strings not only have throws and lows but a button that propels him to the air and continue with multiple overheads. Johnny still has an unfavorable hurtbox and movement to Ky in the neutral game and will lose to J.D/well executed stun edges. Johnny's 6k is still one of the best buttons in his arsenal, and it looks as though 6P has been completely abandoned (its simply bad unless the player times it completely accurate). Johnny players now have a million new ways to level up mist finer other than having to score OTG anything, regular bnb or throw. Mist Finer provides a shut down to all ground projectiles and the best Johnny players will turn that into a Win in neutral game so grounded stun edges should be used less unless YRC. Johnny's hurtbox costs him alot in this match up. Pretty much Johnny's main goal is to corner Ky ASAP or lose to a controlled neutral, and his health does provide for many chances to do that. Ky does not have to worry about free damage in the corner for eating one corner confirm, and that makes this an even match up.
  8. [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    I would like to say GOOD BYE netplay. Just one or two weeks of gameplay to go and Im OUTTA HERE. Maybe ill be back for central fiction...who knows.
  9. [Xrd] Sol Badguy Critique Thread

    Heres some advice: You're a fucking fake. Come to tournament and get BULLIEDD.......
  10. Ky vs. Faust

    Fire paper bags dominate neutral and so are multiple other situations such as the meteor bags. If the ky is not experienced with each of these situations then you will most definitely lose free. Fire paper bag combined with oil is a free bomb and that is also godlike. If you can mobilize yourself around all the hit boxes flying everywhere then you can adapt to the dominance. But you have to be very consistent with your mobility and area control. Ky's biggest weakness in this match up is having to keep a very honest defense because good faust players will low profile vapor thrust during pressure many, many times. It's actually not that hard to block Faust but the player will definitely make it harder if the "Vapor Thrust Input" lingers in his brain. Let go of it in this match up completely. Another bad part of this match up is that Faust has anti airs up the ass and can poke you for free licks out of your air techs as well. Land safe and presumably not on top of him if you get caught in one of his air combos. Once hes in your pressure its smart to keep these in mind. Even though he has no DP, he can use 50 meter and even 25 meter Blitz and if thats not enough, also has access to invulnerability with 5D. If you delay a 6HS on his wake up you can actually get a "huge" punish on two of those options but that's a small tip, don't rely on it to win the match. Just mix up your meaty timings sometimes.
  11. [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    That gets me so mad. Yes its everyone's problem as well so you should not worry about your own connection. Seems like quite a big coincidence that these problems have been happening at Street Fighter 5's drop. My guess is that the PSN on street fighter is kind of massive enough to give problems to other servers. If its not that then BB servers need fixing. I don't think I've had this problem once in XRD. But I also had the same PSN drops on Marvel 3 as well.
  12. [CPEX] PSN Match Finder/GGs Thread

    GGs to like 7 players now to rest up b4 Split Boys.
  13. Damn I have to get a Ps4 controller