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  1. Hey, I'm a BB player from Baltimore - I was wondering if BlazBlue is still played at Xanadu, or if it's just GG

    1. 4r5


      I always see a BB setup or two, at the monthlies.

  2. As someone who has been lurking for a while, and yet is a new member, who, hell, is still little more than a scrub at BB, I'll just say what I think. More attention to the wiki would be really nice – that's how I was introduced to the actual Dustloop forums, and I know so many new players go there to try to find pieces of advice on their chosen character, only to have it be disappointingly empty, especially for EX (which is somewhat excusable because it's fairly new). Well, besides that, as outside observer until fairly recently, I noticed that there's just not a lot of talk outside of character forums or specific threads. People are staying in little bubbles; I think a new part of the forum for people to get to know and interact with each other from all over the place – GG, BB, P4A, the Mizuumi fighters – would only help the community. Would some cliques develop? Probably. But there's not very many ways to bring the community together as a whole, and I think the forum could really benefit from something like that.
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