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  1. Arnei

    ASW Releasing a Handful of Fighting Games on Steam!

    Is this real life or is it just fantasy?
  2. Arnei

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Q&A Thread

    I also briefly thought about that, but discarded it as very unlikely. But maybe that is the case.
  3. Arnei

    [P4AU] Elizabeth Q&A Thread

    Question on Maziodyne: Does this skill have some weird projetile invul frames? You know, besides the hitbox just destroying pretty much every non-super projectile in the game. The thing is, i saw a Liz evading Minazukis Wings of Purgatory with Maziodyne. The wave just flew through here while she was reading the laser. If timed correctly, you can even hit Minazuki out of his recovery with the hitbox. But i had a heart time to get this working with any other super projectile. Anybody got an idea what is happening?
  4. Arnei

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    If remember correctly, Sorashido (former Shab main) said that her character concept was killed, mainly due to the removal of whiff-cancelling Asterius' normals. Don't quote me on that tho'.