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  1. d3taylz

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Some major changes, wow. 3Ks: Banshee finally dethroned but that was inevitable, so many new GOD tier suits added since the summer. Full Cloth has jumped up huge, maybe got buffed? Cant believe Bagna is as low as he is. I'm no MB expert but from what I've seen in vids and heard from others is that he's really really good. 2.5Ks: TGII...nuff said. A lot of other re-shuffles though, The O has moved up a lot and other suits that were higher have dropped down, Red Frame for 1. 2Ks. Sandrock still A tier despite the nerfs! Acguy (Haman) 2nd best 2k?! How the heck did that happen? lol
  2. d3taylz

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Think its just u and me Canadiot lol I cant translate but some friends from a gundam skype chat managed to piece it together. It's a massive patch overhaul to MB called Maxi Boost ON, there's a bunch of different changes: - looks like they're removing the drive system to and going back to the burst style of FB, there will be 3 bursts: S improved Guns, F improves melee and E for extend, allows you to counter burst at 50% - in FB you can counter burst out of a combo at 100% meter, with Extend burst you can do this at 50% meter or more - adding 2 new units, the same ones introduced in Extreme Force - 30+ units are getting new moves, so they're actually altering the movelist, certain moves that are useless and others that are OP will be replaced with brand new moves No info about console release but this is still really good news for MB.
  3. d3taylz

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Hopefully, that'd be awesome. Or the release for a new balance patch maybe? Seems too hype to be a balancing patch though, it'd have to be a massive overhaul.
  4. d3taylz

    [FB] Menu Translations

    Been working on expanding the BGM list to include the additional tracks added after the Premium G edition was released. Compiled a list in excel which I attached. I'm no expert in translating so I may have a made a mistake, especially with the Premium G tracks. I compiled the list mostly by reference to wiki BGM list here: http://www4.atwiki.jp/arcgundamexvsfuvo/pages/100.html. If I made a mistake with any of the suits, please let me know. Cheers, SeriesSongAircraftNA1Intro (no suits, not editable)Gundam2RX-78, Gyan, AGGuy 3Char Gelgoog, Zeong, Johnny Zaku, Char Zaku II 69Char Gelgoog, Zeong, Zaku II 70Char Gelgoog, Zeong, Zaku II 71RX-78 72RX-78Z Gundam4Zeta, Hyakushiki, Mk-II, Messala, Hambrabi 5Zeta, The O 6Zeta Gundam, Hyakushiki, Mk-II, The O, Messala, Hambrabi 73Hyakushikis, The OZZ Gundam7FAZZ, Qubeley Mk-II, Qubeley, Zaku III 74all suits 75FA-ZZChar’s Counterattack8all suits 76all suitsGundam F919F91, Berga 77F91, Berga, gyrosGundam V10V2, V1, GunEZ 11Gottrlatan 78V Gundam, Gan'iji 79V Gundam, Gan'ijiMobile Fighter G12all suits 13Master 14God 80all suitsGundam Wing15All suits 81all suits 82all suitsWing: Endless Waltz16all suits 83all suitsGundam X17All suits 84Gundam DX, Gundam XDV, Visargo CBTurn A18all suits 19Turn A, Turn X 85all suitsSeed20all suits 21Strike, Providence, Duel, LaGOWE 22Forbidden 86Freedom 87Duel 88StrikeSeed Destiny23all suits 24Freedom 25Strike Freedom 26Impulse 27Gaia 89Destiny, impulse 90Strike Rouge, Gunner 91Gunner Zaku Warrior 92Strike Rouge, Gaia 93Strike Freedom, Gaia (Barutoferudo), Destiny, Justice (both), Impulse (Luna)Stargazer28Stargazer, Strike NoirGundam 0029All suits 3000 GundamNA31Bosses for Arcade mode 32Dynames, Cherudim, Arche 33Reborns 94Exia, Dynames, Slow Nedry 9500 Gundam, Kerudimu, Arios, Reborns,, Arche, Susanoo, jinx III00: Trailblazer34Qanta, Raphael 35RaphaelUnicorn36All suits 37Unicorn, Sinanju, Rozen Zulu, FAUC 96Unicorn, delta plus, Sinanju, Kshatriya0080: War in the Pocket38Alex, Zaku Kai0083: Stardust Memory39GP-01, GP-03, GP-02, Gerbera Tetra 40Gebera Tetra 97all suits08MS Platoon41all suits 98all suitsMS Igloo42all suitsCrossbone Gundam43X1, X3 44Full Cloth 45X2Blue Destiny46Blue Destiny, EfreetBeltorchika's Children47Hi-vHathaway's Flash48All (Xi)Seed Astray49Red Frame, Blue Frame, Gold FrameSentinel50Ex-SExtreme51Extreme boss theme 52All Extreme SuitsExtra slot 1102only plays on random for free battleExtra slot 1103 BGM - Suit Assignment.xlsx
  5. Hey guys, so I found the list below of which songs correspond to which suits in the menu translations thread. But how do the songs from 69 to 98 work? Some are self-explanatory, 1 song corresponds to a specific Gundam Series, but there are 3-5 songs for Seed, Destiny and 00, i.e. 86, 87 and 88 are for SEED and 89-93 are for Destiny. So do the extensions correspond to the series as a whole OR specific suits like the first 52? -------- Edit, I figured it out.
  6. d3taylz

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Im anxious to hear as well. Trying to see if there's any news about an official release, nothing so far. There's speculation that MB will be PS4 exclusive. I really hope this isnt the case. Personally I think Bamco would be stupid not to release it for ps3 unless they're under pressure from Sony to make it Ps4 exclusive which I also think isnt the case. If anything, maybe they'll release it for both. Hopefully we'll hear something soon.
  7. d3taylz

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    Ahh so they're there but behind the scenes. Gotcha, hopefully they'll be available soon. Thanks so much.
  8. d3taylz

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    So are these from FB? I just downloaded 1.08 and dont see those characters so Im guessing they're MB?
  9. Hey all, any idea what time the new patch goes live in NA? Is it available already? Am anxious to get my hands on the new DLC.
  10. d3taylz

    [FB] Online Matchmaking & PSN List

    Hey all, picked up this game in December and I'm trying to improve. Played a lot against the comp and my friends and I run local casuals 1-2 times a month, have played the majority of the cast but now I'm trying to lock down a few mains. Get merked online so I have a lot of work to do before MB comes out. japanse psn is d_taylz86