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  1. Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    i never use it. i agree with you in that using the vanish guard and countering has always been more favorable to me than using the counter assault. if i do use it, its likely by accident
  2. Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    thats not exactly true. while i most likely couldn't do it now given how damn rusty i am from not playing in over a year, i could easily (originally) get up into the 8000-10,000 range WITHOUT using her desperation ender. you don't need to use her oki to go into it you can go into it off of her strong since it knocks the opponent away far enough, you can go into it off of her over head since it's knockdown is long enough even if they quick recover, you CAN use a partner assist but i would only do that if i were desperate. i'm not saying that Chizuru's desperation is godly, but i disagree that it's trash. that spot is reserved for Rhiannon. it's merely a desperation that you HAVE to know what your doing or ya its going to be a waste of meter. when i can go into a basic string, then jump forward to keep it going into the corner, overhead them, hit them back into the corner, overhead them again, then slash and dash them 4 times and end with her desperation finisher from mid field i would think that would be worth 3 meter, and thats if i just want to go that route. again, though i realize it's not godly, but even my cousin who's very experienced with games such as BlazBlue, Arcana Hearts, Guilty Gear, UNIEL etc. thinks it's not a bad art in the very least.
  3. Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    see i disagree with eh_sama's statement that Chizuru's desperation as terrible. why is her desperation terrible but Ruili's in Nitro+ not? they're essentially the same mechanic. they both put them into a powered up mode. sure, if you don't know what your doing there's not point in using it, but i've won many matches, both against new players (this mostly happens just because i WANT to use it and i'm just fooling around) and experienced players with it. sure, you could argue that for 3 guages, she doesn't get a lot of time in her demon mode given the cost, but that's why you don't just use in a "Leroy Jenkins!" fashion. i would say the benefit of (provided you can avoid taking a hit) recovering at least 25% life, unlimited chain ability, combo extension, godly pressure for those who know how to utilize her well, super move power up and extensions, an added arial super, and an unavoidable (though blockable finisher) are worth it. what does Ruili get? combo extension (i believe), super move leniency, decreased recovery (i believe), and better chaining and thats about it. yet she's considered good but chizuru's is trash. the only thing i can possibly see her being considered better is because she can use partners where as Chizuru can't. also as a side note for lark, Manaka can perform her double jump whenever she wants to. it doesn't have to be immediately. however, i think if you do certain moves it does take this away.
  4. Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    i'm really disliking what they did with Ouka's crouching Strong. i mean i DO like how she can go back and forth with it now, but considering you now have to hold the button down, you can no longer use her thrusters to escape if they block it to go into other things as a back-up plan and the distance that she can move back isn't enough to get out of range from characters like Ignis and Sabre since it takes a slight amount of time before she actually starts to move back.
  5. Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    i got a question, i've decided recently to switch my main from Mora to Ouka, and i can't figure out the use of her strong version of her thrusters. i've figured out that her weak puts her back to neutral and allows her to get herself just above the enemy to avoid (most) counter attacks off a block, but i can't see any use for the strong except for maybe crossover which honestly hasn't worked very well for me. is there any help i can get on that?
  6. Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

    i've fiddled with Homura for a while the other day and the BS she can pull with Dragon and Angelica is retarded. she can go into a 15-16000 damage combo about 10 different ways from almost any start up and the way to go about it isn't all that complicated either. if you need help learning Homura a friend of mine plays her and i specialize in combo making so if your looking to figure out your first few legitimate high damage combo's i could probably figure something out for you. i figured these out for my friend when he asked me to figure out a 10,000+ damage, 2 guage or less combo. so we both could give you at least basic instruction on how to play her but since i've only really messed with her to figure combos out it would be my friend who would be the one who'd really be able to tell you her ups and downs
  7. Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    sogo's ok but he's predictable in a lot of his moves. especially with his manaka.
  8. Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    this was definitely a fun tournament. i couldn't really care about winning, just didn't want to embarrass myself during a live stream. i accomplished that so i'm happy with the result. but seriously eh? you REALLY had to tarnish my perfect record i had going on there didn't you xD.
  9. Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    i've never been able to crossover with her arial special. no matter which one i use, even if i'm slightly behind them they'll still block it., also @ eh_sama, i'm really sorry for copping out after just two matches tonight. i really wanted to have more, but due to that "incident" and those controller issues i told you about it wasn't possible. i really would have liked to have more since i haven't seen you for a long time and your one of those players that really keep me in shape. hope to see you again in the near future and hopefully can go at it for more then just two rounds this time.
  10. Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    ya that one i knew. i was just kinda putting a character to it. Chizuru doesn't really have one does she? she's just random across the board when it comes to trying to find a "name of reference" to her moves isn't she. although Aqua's really the only one i play, hence my limited knowledge on all the terms, hell i can't even get used to the 2C 5A 6B etc. stuff, i am kinda interested in that nitro plus game. i only know Sabre from the Fate series so i'd probably use her but i kinda like that one chick with the hammer who reminds me of the character Blanc from of my favorite RPG Hyperdimension Neptunia. can't remember her name though.
  11. Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    ahhh i see. thanks for the info. i guess you could call Konomi's or Arawns uppercut/jumping slash specials Shiryuken (or w/e Ryu's uppercut move is called) since they're pretty much the same. i dunno lol.
  12. Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    just out of curiosity, why does everyone refer to her charge super as "God Press"? is it due to certain properties it has or just because of its ability to act as a great punish tool? Aqua is the only fighter i play so i'm not familiar with a lot of the terms.
  13. Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    where ya been Sima? i miss playing your Multi, it's really the only one that really gives me a challenge anymore. Neppies i can beat the crap out of 90% of the time (same with his Chizuru) except for the odd time i screw up or i'm having an off day (we all have those) but you actually make me sweat and work my ass off for my wins (remember our last tournament you were in you bent me over and spanked me xD). hoping to see ya again sometime and hope you had fun at your big get together.
  14. Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    that sucks dude. but honestly (where i'm from) at a 1.30 a L who the hell wants to drive?? half your damn pay cheque goes to your gas alone
  15. Aquapazza: Aqua+ Dream Match

    well, thankfully i've been seizure free for going on 4 years. 3 of my 8 siblings (4 biological, 4 adopted) have seizures, though my brother hasn't had one since he was 10 so he would be considered cured. my sister hasn't had one for about as long as i have. my seizures are caused by over exertion, and my sisters are caused by stress. so the bad thing is if i DO have one she usually has one shortly after as mine cause it highly stress her out, which is understandable. the funny thing is that although although my siezures are caused by over exertion, i'm an avid martial artist (just got my blue stripe in tae kwon do actually) and the instructors in my class sometimes work us HARD. so i am taking a bit of a risk with that one i'll admit. but hey i do need exercise. i'm on an incredibly high dose for my medication so thats probably why it doesn't affect me to much and i always make sure to sit down after our warm up or if our drills get to strenuous to get my breathing and heart rate back into a normal rhythm, so i do take all necessary precautions.